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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

IIT Bombay is going to be more women friendly now

Can we leave half of the world population behind and strive to meet our goals? Even in the ancient cavemen era men's job was to hunt and work for the family whole women's job was to raise the family. Responsibilities were divided so as to manage everything up to perfection. The so called cultured 'man' started divisions among humans; society was given the thought that men are superior and women are inferior. Results of this broken thought we see everyday in various forms that really stings. However, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) has taken an step further in this direction and taken strong initiative to make the IIT Bombay campus more women friendly. To me reported via sources from Times of India.
Every campus, every company and every house should be women friendly. And to this the IIT Bombay taken feedback of stakeholders over two years. To do this the institute shall promote success stories of students and working staff members to school girls. The female researchers who have small children shall get work from opportunities. The institute will also take active participation in the society and industry. Read full story, go here

When I was working with IndiaEducation.Net I befriended a girl in office and used to help each other. My CEO asked if I am womanizing. Response was obvious, no Sir I have home to meet my Girlfriend. Here I am for work. 

We need to change this mindset and this change shall start from males.