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List of Medical Courses in India

Studying medicine at college is dream for many. Some gets it fulfilled. Door to medical colleges opens in India right after completing 12 years school education at around 17 years of age. The students who study Physics, Chemistry and Life Science at class 11th and 12th standard are eligible to apply for medical schools. Admission are offered on the basis of entrance examination. For the benefits of students here given list of medical courses in India

An Introduction To Medical Council of India (MCI)

The Medical Council of India established in 1933 is administering authority for standardization of medical education in India. The council monitor medical practices, provide accreditation to medical colleges, register medical practitioners, grants recognition of medical degrees. The council comes under the purview of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The council keeps records of all registered medical practitioners in the country.

Flipkart Partnered With Udacity For Hiring Talent

Flipkart has entered into the partnership with Udacity for hiring talent. The hiring process will be interview less. The Udacity's Nano Degree Program students can directly chose to work with Flipkart, given a vacancy is available there and a candidate is willing to work for Flipkart. Three Udacity Graduate of Android Developer Nano Degree program already chose to work with the India's largest online retailer.

Udacity is Hiring, Apply Now

Are you looking to get a job or job change. Here is the wonderful opportunity to work with one of the top companies in the world Udacity  Currently, this company is looking for Business Development Manager and Course Manager for India. The company's office is located in Bangalore.

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