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How UK University Guide League Table 2018 is prepared

The Guardian prepares League Table 2018 for Ranking of Universities in the United Kingdom. Following benchmarks are taken into account when preparing the overall rank

Satisfaction with the courseSatisfaction with the teachingSatisfaction with the feedbackStudent vs Staff RatioSpend per student/10Average Entry TariffValue added score/10Career after 6 months

Who is Hiring at IIT Madras in 2017-18

The IIT Madras or any engineering college, at the end of semester exams candidates look to meet hiring managers, face interview and get a Job. Colleges performing better sees more recruiters than the less performing institutions. Recruiters do not look for qualification, they look for talent. The previous years ranking and performance of students during placement session also counts on who is coming to college for campus selection.

How to become a Database Administrator

Database Administrator also know as Dbase Admin / Dbase Administrator or Database Admin.
Computer Database is growing on minute to minute basis. Million Zillions of instructions are given to computers to run our day day life smoothly. Household, Education, Computers, Small Business, Or Mission Mars name anything and it associates to a databases. Life now revolves around Computers. And to handle all such data requires Database Administrators.

Final Result NDA / NA Examination I 2017

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) New Delhi announces Final Result National Defence Academy and Naval Academy i.e. NDA & NA Examination – I, 2017. In this examination 371 candidates are selected to work with Armed Forces / Air Force and Navy of India. The written examination was administered by UPSC and Final Interview was conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSB) of Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

List of Computer & IT Jobs and Definitions

Computers and Information Technology (IT) are often blamed to take away jobs of millions of workers. However, these fellows built of silicon and plastic created many jobs too.

Both Computers and Information Technology (IT) play specific role in today's society. World over, men and women work with computers and make living. Ability to work with computers is primary requirements with many businesses and government organizations. We see computers everywhere and persons sitting behind those screens feeding data. Here given list of Computer & IT Jobs

Computer Science as a Study Discipline

Computers are seen in every pocket today. The earlier computers that were big enough to take of the space of a big room size now adjust within jeans pocket. You can do a lot using computers. To me computer means a small gadget that works on battery and obey your fingers and voice commands till it has sufficient power to run. Computers are machines of different shapes and sizes to work on demand for you.