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General Knowledge - BOTANY

Plants are essential friends of human race. We can't exist without plants. In competitive examinations questions are asked about plants / plant sciences / botany. To help readers of this blog I have gathered here General Knowledge Lessons in Botany for UPSC Exams, SSC Exams, Defence Exams, Teachers' Training Exams, State Civil Services Exams, Scholarship Tests, Admission Tests etc.

General Knowledge: CHEMISTRY

Knowledge in Chemistry is essential for day to day living. Of course its essential to make scientific discoveries, and make things work. In competitive examinations Questions in General Knowledge are asked from Chemistry. Here are lessons useful for tests like UPSC Exam, SSC Exam, Bank PO Exam, Defence Exam, Teachers' Training Exam, Admission Test, Scholarship Tests etc. Introduction to Chemistry Atomic Structure Periodic Classification of Elements Chemical Bonding Oxidation and Reduction

General Knowlegde: PHYSICS

Perhaps everyone know Einstein. Physics is the science that make you immortal. Personally I divide PHYSICS in two phases; Physics before Einstein and Physics after Einstein. General Knowledge of Physics is the study discipline everyone should know and understand. In competitive examinations like Bank PO, SSC, Railways, UPSC Exam, Scholarship Test, Admission Test etc  GK Questions are asked in PHYSICS. Here are general lessons in physics useful for writing selection test / admission test etc. Units List of Scientific Instruments and Uses Inventions, Inventor, Country and Year Important Physics Discoveries in Chronology Order

General Knowledge - Environmental Science

Environment Science in academics has emerged as a new discipline. Human race did massive damage to environment and now we need to take corrective measures to keep it healthy and habitable.  Everyone should know and learn about Environment. To measure your environmental awareness, in competitive examinations questions are asked. Here are lessons about Environmental Science useful for competitive examinations like UPSC Exam, Bank PO Exam, SSC Exam, Police Service Exam, Railway Recruitment Exam, Scholarship Test, and Admission Test Etc. Environmental Science: An Overview   Some Environmental Facts Energy Waste Ozone Layer Depletion

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