Let's break all kind of Indo-Pak trade ties

No business with Pakistan
Since Mumbai attack I am strictly against Pakistan. Earlier I was not, indeed I was very much supportive to people of Pakistan. Those were the days of Yahoo Chat, I still remember chitchatting with Pak Nationals. However post Mumbai attack I break all kind of ties with Pakistan / Aatankistan / Terroristan.
Good people and bad people live everywhere. In fact personally I believe nobody is 100% good or bad. But there is a red line, there is a limit and nobody has the rights to cross that red line till he / she is not mentally sick.
I suppose when you Imran Khan enjoying the post of prime minister on the directives of ISI and Pak Army perhaps you know what is good for you. I suppose you are not living in mental asylum. Being head of the country you are responsible for every action your people does. And if its harming a neighbor you need to seriously look into the matter. But from a rascal like you, at least me in my personal capacity can't expect any good from you. 
Stop reading here onward this is your reline if you are a Paki or Imran Khan or his supporter.
This blog has nothing to do with politics, i write here from my experiences. But I feel I have responsibilities towards our society  and the people around who I am living. Often I listen a question from friends and people near me, whether war will break?
Honestly I don't know that is the job of the Indian Forces and they will carry it out well. I am pretty sure whatever decisions our forces will take shall stand in best interests of the nation.
A person like me who don't know how to handle a kitchen knife is not going in war front, nor the people in other profession. Only our forces are qualified to fight the war and they will do it if they feel its really necessary.
If you ask me I think only a tight slap is necessary to bring down on knees a coward like Imran Khan and without doubt that tight slap will give our army
A person like me, you and your friends doing small or big work best can do is to stop all types of association with Aatankistan, Terroristan aka Pakistan. It will give them a slow jolt, they will be shaken up. Finish all types of business ties with the terrorists led Pakistan and you will see the impact. Imran Khan is already on begging spree, even he became driver to Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to get some change coin in his begging bowl. Stop trade ties, even if you are buying or selling a sewing needle with Pakistan just stop and I guarantee then Imran Khan will get a good begging uniform to sit on borders and ask for change coins from public of both sides.
Killing an enemy is satisfying when you bring down the enemy on knees.
Perhaps Imran Khan forgotten the way 93000 Pakistani Army licked the shoes of General Arora. 
Let's join hands together and bring down the enemy on knees by breaking all kind of trades with Pakistan and its associates.
What Indian government will do is the job of government. Yes, without doubt we can ask our government to take hardest possible actions. But by breaking trade with Pakistan we will help indirectly or directly our government and army in fighting with Terroristan. That will be real homage to our martyrs when Coward Pakistan will come down on knees.
And in the last,
Please donate One Rupee for Pulwama Martyrs.
Thank you. 
हमने हमारे पूर्वज पंडित अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी से सीखा है 
 "दूध मांगोगे खीर देंगे, काश्मीर मांगोगे चीर देंगे। "

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