'Pulwama': Is that a deathbed

Working in the uniform is the matter of pride. The heroic stories, thrills, unknown threats and winning is matter of super excitement. Humans are born to live, even animals are born to live but humans have invaded more than beyond in animals territory.
While writing all this my fingers are trembling, news is doing the rounds in last 24 hours from Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir. Our soldiers are killed while traveling roads.
Being a career guide I always loved writing about career opportunities in armed forces. I loved the topic. I was not able to join forces but this topic I find fascinating. However, today I am doubtful if I write further on this, I am doubtful if I guide anymore our teens and youths to join armed forces. Perhaps I will or will not or may be I will do nothing. But big question is whether my action or inaction will save lives of our soldiers, general public, country and humanity.
Who to hold responsible Pulwama killings?
Some say this is caused by Pakistan, some say this terror has no identity, some say some other things.
My question is, what were the faults of those CFPF soldiers who gave their lives for traveling on roads? If there only fault was that they joined forces to work for the safety and security of the country.
What is the fault of those small children who lost a guardian, what is the fault of those mothers, wives, sisters, friends and near and dear one who lost a family member?
No those families do not want money, they do not want want condolences. They simply want the bodies to see last one time.
Our intelligence is a total fail because they are busy working for personal favor of politicians.
In our country even a retired politician get much better facilities than a serving soldier. Do we still have rights to say;
"We the people of India......"
We shameless can't protect our own men and women. Everyday child abuse, molestation, rapes, forgery, road rage and killing are common with us. We do only two things, either rub it under the carpet or say this is caused by bad people and bad neighbors. Whole day and night our media is making noise around elections for TRP. And there is almost deafning silence on 2 Air Force Pilots Killed During Take-Off At HAL Airport In Bengaluru (https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/pilot-dies-as-mirage-2000-trainer-fighter-aircraft-crashes-at-hal-airport-in-bengaluru-news-agency-a-1986556)
When clouds from Pulwama covered us in darkness then some got awaken with a total excuse (Sic)
Instead of blaming to bad can we take the responsibility?

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