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Why you should play outdoor sports

Studying computer science?
Staying in a Hostel?
Department is next to Hostel?
Great than greater!!!
You don't need go anywhere. Open your laptop, write lines of codes till you tired and then sleep in any position. After all this is hostel. So complete free and no interference from family. Occasional booze with friends with alright. When bored open laptop and play chess. Or Facebook is there blessed by Android.

Good, you are in college, you passed teen years and have 12 year certificate to show your success. All above things are good, pretty good, shows a sign of adulthood. But as you know nothing is permanent so not your adulthood.

Sports is not equivalent to Candy Crush and online games. I am not against computer games but your body muscles too need some care.

There is an old saying, healthy mind lives in healthy body.

No matter whether your studies need outdoor work or not but your body need outdoor activities. Get up, go to Gym.


How much IITs earn for Government

Earning of IITs through research, inventions, consultancy and patents

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are bestowed by Government of India to offer best of the higher technical education and conduct groundbreaking research programs. For the purpose the government allocates budget for functioning of these institutions in each Financial Year. These institutes not only earn name and fame by producing eligible human resources but also earns revenue from various sources like research, inventions, consultancy and patents.
The Ministry of Human Resources (MHRD) has disclosed earning of IITs. The IIT Bombay has grabbed the top spot. Below are given earning figures for the last three years

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)

Year 2017-18 : Rs. 17.99 Crore
Year 2016-17 : Rs. 17.11 Crore
Year 2015-16 : Rs. 10.55 Crore

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)

Year 2017-18: Rs. 11.67 Crore
Year 2016-17: Rs. 10.87 Crore
Year 2015-16: Rs. 7.15 Crore

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

Year 2017-18: Rs. 10.61 Crore
Year 2016-17: Rs. 8.841 Crore
Year 2015: 16: Rs. 7.030 Crore

Source Times of India Dates 22 July 2018

Shall I dropout of college

This is admission time in India. Schools, colleges, universities and everywhere discussions are going around admissions.
Getting into a college is not easy, it was never easy. My personal analysis says, majority of admission seekers lags 10% behind in minimum qualifying criteria.
Story of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani etc is very popular.
These people are college dropout but they made it big in life and career.
There is a prevailing thought among youths, if they can make it, so I can.
Definitely you can.
Dropping out of college is like leaving a train and walking distances.
These people are not failed, they are successful because they learned in few days what college teaches them over 4 years.
They didn't dropped out because they were not able to study, indeed they dropped out because they decided to learn faster.
You may argue that people like Sir Richard Branson are school dropout, school refuses to teach him. True. But wait a moment Sir Richard Branson is a teen entrepreneur, he ran a school magazine at very young age, and established virgin records at an age when other teens of his was into play.
You also can dropout if you can learn faster, can learn everyday, make failures your milestone and move fast.
If you are deciding to dropout because of less percentage of marks in last qualifying exam do it. But do not sit idle for years instead go out and find things unknown to you. Learn faster, and find a sweet thing in which you can make your career.
College is not compulsory but a medium to teach you new things and show a way for life. If you are going to drop out or do away with college find a medium of learning.
It not matter where you hang your coat, but what matter is you have a coat to hang.

Robotics is the new future

More students should chose Robotics as a career option
Here I have written an article 7 Benefits of hiring robots for business
Definitely, after reading this, you are going to hate me. Hold a minute, robots are never never never going to take your job. Indeed increasing use of robots in work will create new opportunities for humans.

Law School Admission through GRE 2018

GRE is new measure for Law School Success in United States

GRE, the Graduate Record Examination is becoming measure of Law School Success. Till now LSAT was considered as standardized test for Law School Application. In 2017, the University of Arizona Law School became the first to accept GRE for admission.

Why IITs has vacant seats

NDTV reported IITs has no takers for 100s of seats over the years. Why?

What was the basis for mushrooming of new IITs?

At this moment I remember lines from John Keats

Where have we lost knowledge in information where have we lost wisdom in Information.

A college is a platform to launch talent and not a platform to gather crowd.

Take example of a Cinema hall.

I never seen an average looking guy sitting next to me in first class.

I never seen a very rich person sitting next to me in general class.

Take example of a train

I never met a very affluent person in general class or even sleeper class.

Conversely,  never met an average in Chair Car.

Take example of a village

How many times you seen someone driving a Sedan

Question is, the MHRD think tank do really wish and work for all people of the country or just for the selected few ones.

The brand values are diluted when you sell it to all.

Education is a serious business,  a degree in education takes time and money both.

People want safe investment.

Our education system need planners and not door to door salespersons.

Failure indicates lack planning.

You plan well when you feel responsible.

Instead of keeping a child for expense of huge sum of money and 4 years in Palakkad,  any planned guardian will like to buy a flight ticket.

MHRD are you listening???

Civil Services of India

The Imperial Civil Services from the period of British Rule in India renamed as Indian Civil Services (ICS) under the Constitution of India in 1949. The Upper House of Indian Parliament “Rajya Sabha” is authorized agency of Constitution of India to set up new branches of Civil Services. The Rajya Sabha can do so by voting in the house iff at least two-third of its acting members agrees on setting up a New Civil Service Branch.

5 life skills to learn free during college years

'College', the word itself is pretty exciting. Many of us wait impatiently when our true freedom will begin, when we can hangout late night with friends, and when we can take decision on our own and may be bunk (bad habit) some classes too.
College life brings loads of thrills as well as responsibilities. We need to learn many new things, get mature and job ready.
College teaches us many things apart from academics. Before degree is awarded we become a set of bundles shaped in a certain way to perform certain tasks. The habits that we develop during college years, plays significant role later in life.
Here are 5 habits every college student must need to include before graduation

1. Do your own tasks
Just now you became independent. Now time to learn everything you never did in the past; cooking, cleaning, shoe polishing, laundry...  When you do multitasking, slowly you develop a habit of making solution to a problem instead of counting on someone else. After college, you will go for a job. Industry like people who come up with a solution of problems.
2. Exercise Daily: College days are right time to train your body muscles working hard. Exercise builds physical as well as mental strength. Daily workout will keep you fit plus over the time you will develop a habit for sweating. This habit will remain stick with you for life.
3. Entertain before you sleep: College assignments may require loads of sweat and blood. Make a regime to entertain your mind before you sleep. Watch a funny video, read a book or listen a song. Do it 10 minutes a day before you sleep. This will off shed the days tiredness and you will get a good night sleep. When you sleep well, the coming day is terrifically productive.
4. Learn Speaking: Join your college societies, become active member. Take part in college fests and events. After college whether you will do job or start your own business, you will need to sale something may be an idea or skill or a product. There is no business without speaking.
5. Networking: Networking is not about social media, its about real life. Success is not about earning money. Real success is when people around you can count on you for small help. Help you roommate in making assignments, help that pretty girl in picking grocery, help an elderly person to cross the road, offer a sandwich to a person living on streets, help that neighborhood kid in learning math. Whether you know these people or not, over time helping others will become a habit. Remember. what you give that you get back.

10 Tips- How to manage your exam day

How to manage exam day like Pro and score more

This is exam time in sub continent, CBSE class 10th and Class 12 exams are already administering, besides all state boards CICSE, ICSE and Entrance Exams are also in the running, and least but not lost those appearing in 10th and 12th boards have also to undergo for entrance exam testing, high time for 14 – 16 year old fellows to follow mum’s advice so as to carry good grades. I too have given certain exams and still I appear in some of them so from personal experiences I am jotting down here 10 Key tips HOPE HELPFUL FOR YOU EXAM GOERS.

1. Do not study. Cheers, who wanna study after all you can’t eat the books. RELAX so your nervous system may remember properly what you have learnt during classroom teaching, tuition classes and self-study.

2. Catch enough sleep. Use your bed 8 – 10 hours in a day for sleeping; of course you can sleep with books behind pillow. No Problem.

3. Do not put yourself much in front of Computer playing games when you play a game you concentrate much on screen this may cause headache which is always bad.

4. Do some light exercise like have 15-minutes walk everyday NOT IN the SUN. You can walk inside your room, windows open or terrace or nearby park if there exist enough trees to protect you from SUN.

5. Consume good quality foods, which feel good in stomach and freshen you.

6. Do not take too much coffee, soft drinks or sugary food. Having 1 / 2 cup coffee or a soft drink is either not bad. Do not overdo.

7. Drink enough water when feel stressed, take deep breaths, or go in a cool air or simply shut your eyes and relax for a couple of minutes. Listen some light music. In case you feel unwell, see your doctor do not take chance.

8. Forget the exam you already have appeared yesterday. Already you have written it. Do not think at all; remember you have to write other exam tomorrow.

9. Keep revising important facts, formulae, and definitions of your class notes / formulae book etc for your next exam.

10. Stay cool, calm and alert, simply reach your exam center best 30 minutes before time, follow the instructor and write your exam in simplest of the manner, you are at the verge of deliver your best.

These are summer days in most of the part of sub continent keep a water bottle during exam with you so you sip water occasionally to keep yourself fresh throughout the exam. Must have a light good meal 1 –2 hour before your exam begin so you stay full of calories throughout the exam for next couple of hours.

Wishing Best of Luck to All Fellow Exam Goers

Career in Financial Engineering

Which are the institutes offering courses in Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering also referred as financial mathematics, mathematical finance, / computational finance makes hot career choice. At present there is no course available in sub continent but in neighborhood Singapore and Hong Kong you can find one such course. Students who are planning to study abroad can consider studying financial engineering. Courses are available at different levels, viz, undergraduate, postgraduate and research etc. Career Opportunities are immense not only in financial sector but also in all work fields. As the world is growing, technology is multiplying and companies both big and SMEs are opening each day, in coming years Financial Engineers would be on high demand in developing world countries too. Below is provided name of University / University College offering course in financial engineering. To know in detail about a course please click below over the course type of your interest.

Distance Education Universities in India

Getting higher education, becoming rich, and get noticed is the childhood dream of many. However, as a child grow, he comes under the burden of survival, getting livelihood, and living a comfortable life, he / she also have to carry the responsibilities of family and society, and ultimately the dream of receiving higher education vanishes. And for such people who engaged in work and can not attend regular day classes at college or university, distance education is the answer.

How to NOT loss focus during exams

Exam pressure is huge. But it is really huge? In my opinion, NO, never. It seems huge because there are too many empty noises. Everyone has an opinion around you,  your exams,  your career.
The problem area is, we take empty noises seriously, every empty noise bothers us.
Teacher: Exams are coming,  you are poor in language.
Parents: Will you pass the exam with good grade?
Friends: How much you will score?
Siblings: You don't study hard...
Neighbors: What is your career plan?
All these people are not your enemy.  In fact they are the first who come to give you courage in hard times.
Their problem is not you,  your grade or career. Exam is a talking point, it makes news and people love to talk.
The problem is when we hear empty noises we loss control over us.
Be like a lorry driver. Go highway and observe how a lorry driver do not change lane despite too many horns blown into  ears.
A good driver always keep the vehicle on track and let the other vehicles pass when there is room to give a pass.
Dictionary has given us,  two beautiful words to not loss focus, 'excuse me'.

Get a degree in Sports Sciences from University of Delhi

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) University of Delhi (DU)

Are you a champion of sports and games? Is risk taking seems adventurous to you? Do you like stay in shape? Or do you like to conquer the high peaks?
If answer to all above is in affirmative University of Delhi offers teacher training courses in physical education at various levels.

If you are an sports buff, purse a career in sports sciences. The Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Edcation and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) offers M.P.Ed., B.P.Ed., (P.E.H.E. & Sports) and Research programs leading to the award of PhD. The institute comes under the Inter-Disciplinary & Applied Sciences, University of Delhi. Course details are given below
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Health Education & Sports: B.Sc. (P.E.,H.E. & S.)-Six Semesters {Three Years} Degree Course after 10+2.
  • Bachelor of Physical Education: B.P.Ed. Two Semesters {One Year} Teacher Training Course after Graduation.
  • Master of Physical Education: M.P.Ed.-Four Semesters {Two years} Degree Course after B.Sc.(P.E.,H.E. &Sports)/B.P.Ed.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physical Education (2 to 5 years) :
  • Applications  for  admission  to  Ph.D.  Programme  in  the  Department  of  Physical  Education  & Sports Sciences  (University of  Delhi)  are  being  considered  twice  in  a  year  i.e.  in  July  and December.  For further  details,  please  contact  the  office  of  the  Head  of  the  Department  of Physical Education & Sports Sciences.

 Selection Procedure

The IGIPESS select candidates for admission into Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes based on the performance in Written Test, Physical Fitness and Interview.

For more details log on to

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Edcation and Sports Sciences
B - Block Vikas Puri, New Delhi - 18

Courses On Offer- M.P.Ed., B.P.Ed., (P.E.H.E. & Sports)

Sale of Application Form
Opening Date: 9th May 2007
Closing Date: 1 June 2007

Fees: Rs. 100 at Counter if by post DD of amount 135 should be
drawn in favor of The Principle, IGIPESS Payble at New Delhi

Phone: 011-25593497
Fax: 011-25549003

IIM Ahmedabad Final Placement 2018

Where is IIMA PGPM Class of 2018? Which companies hired them? Who recruited from IIMA Campus? What is the best salary offered? If you are planning to study in IIM Ahmedabad, you may have many such questions? Image result for iima

India & France Signed MoU of degree recognition

 Study in France made easy for Indian students

Is my French degree recognized in India? The one major question every applicant applying for a study abroad program seeks answer for. In my personal opinion, education should be universal, however there must be regulatory bodies to monitor the educational institution so no student suffer a setback. According to various sources, currently, there are more than 5000 Indian students enrolled in French Academic Institutions. Also, in India there are nearly 1500 French nationals enrolled for different academic programs.
In a historic move, the government of two countries has signed MoU for recognition of degrees. The government of both countries has signed 15 more MoUs between Indian and French Institutions in the areas of higher education, research, innovation, faculty exchange and scientific cooperation etc.
Till now there were only bilateral arrangements between institutions, however, this move of the two governments will certainly receive claps from students and academic institutions.
The MoUs were signed during India-French Knowledge Summit 2018 organized by French Institute in India alongwith Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) France and Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) India.
The French Government has the goal to attract 10000 Indian students by 2020.
The summit has explore 7 key areas for collaboration; space and aeronautics, mathematics and information technology, agronomy and food processing, eco-energy, natural resources, architecture and urban planning and urban mobility.

Download Cheat Sheet: How to chose between two different jobs

Throughout the academic career, an individual acquire many skills. From among the skill sets he / she can apply for couple of jobs. Today's question arise from my Quora Profile; an user asked which is better job, editing or marketing?

Editing and Marketing are very broad terms, but from the question I felt and most precisely, I suppose, this person is eligible for both the jobs but not pretty sure to which to make a career choice. For obvious reasons, I think of perhaps this is the problems of many job seekers when they are stuck in selecting a career.

Suppose you have two jobs to chose from Job A and B or three Jobs, Job A, B and C then how to select the better one that fits you?

Consider following points when deciding between Jobs. Ask to yourself following questions

  1. What are the eligibility requirements to apply for this job?
  2. What are the new things I need to learn to do this job? Oo I have necessary skills?
  3. Where I want to be 2 year / 3 year / 5 year down the line? Can this job take me to the place in a fixed period of time?
  4. What are the possibilities for growth and promotions?
  5. How much money I will make from this job?
  6. Whether I will be able to buy a house and save enough for retirement?
  7. If this job will help me in building better relationship with people?
  8. Which job I will really enjoy doing the most?
  9. Which job will give me better and healthy work environment?
  10. Whether I will be able to make changes with time and grow with inustry?
 Here is method to method to evaluate possibilities

  1. Take an spreadsheet, Microsoft XL, Google Sheet or Any you use.
  2. In the sheet mark First Column A as Question, Second Column B as Job A or Job Title, Second Column C as Job B or Job Title, similarly you can mark Job C and Job D
  3. Under the column A, fill these questions 1 to 10
  4. Now against each question give points to each job. For example; 8 points for question no 2 against Job A and 7.5 points against job B
  5. Now sum all the points given against each question for each job.
  6. At the end you will get score of Job on a scale of 10.
Now is the time to decision making

Go for the job that has done well on your evaluation scale. In case of a tie, go for the one that you  will truly love doing.

Trust me, love is alive.

Download My Job Selection Cheat Sheet

How many times I should really try for GATE

A user asked, I failed twice in GATE, shall I give it a 3rd try or look for alternative career?

From experiences I know, qualifying an examination does not define your capabilities. An examination is a way to follow a certain path for a selected career. Rahul Bajaj, the noted industrialist, written an article way back in summers of 2007 in TOI, where he argued that higher education is a costly affair. When leaving school, you first decide, why you chosing for higher education, are really keen to work on those research laboratories or you are not sure. If you are not pretty sure, chose for alternative career instead of burning midnight oil and then looking for a job at a Pizza Selling Shop or Petrol Pump.
I wish I may have read this during my school years. I am from not a so rich family and I was not a topper. Joining Max Plank on freeship is really really a sweet day dreaming but today I know, perhaps I can't meet many criteria and required money to go for Max Plank and do research.
Going by the analogy, I suppose, you already had put 2 long years on GATE which is a huge time.
So in the Quest of passing GATE, you did not miss out on other beautiful things, I would suggest you to find an alternative career, preferably a Job in your area of expertise.
Everyone is expert in doing something so are the you.
This does not employee that you leave appearing for GATE. Still you can find one day in a year to appear for exam. And 2 hours a day to study for it.
If you already had appeared two times I suppose, your basic understanding of subject matter is already good and need to focus on week areas.
When you will have an alternative career in hand, your mind will be much in free zone to focus on week areas, the reasons behind not passing it.
If your are passionate about GATE, keep appearing but at the same time make best use of your time.
Reading is fun when you do it for passion. You can perform better when you are least stressed.

 GATE is window not the door, follow alternative roots and bring out best your potential.

PS: This is useful for many students who are repeatedly for any examination but not finding a place in merit.

Time comes for a price much than Gold.

How to chose a case study format

Writing a case study is truly cumbersome task for students. Before writing a case study, doing loads of research is important to put your points forward. Students need different assignments throughout the academic year. In fact, they get assignments and case study is one of them. To achieve nice grades in academics students need to give 100% for case study assignments. 
Generally, two questions are very common every student seeks answer for once:
1.    How to write a case study that help in achieving good grades?
2.    How to chose an effective case study format?
Before, student truly begin to put efforts on a case study he / she must know the answer for above two question. Two students may do a similar case study, but who will get good grades shall largely depend on who has put his / her points forward in best possible manner. This is where case study format plays the bigger role.
Students can count on fellow students, seniors students and professors to discuss case study format and select one. At the same time they can seek help of professional case study writer who are doing this job for different colleges and university students since years. Professional case study writers with experience in different domains both academics and business can suggest a better format and better method to prepare a case study. When you seek out help of a professional you can expect best results that work for you.
Often, students find themselves in a tough situation when writing case study assignment comes in question. Perfection comes with practice, it takes time to build. The case study writing services offers professional sample, this helps students in taking decision upon methods and way to present a powerful case study that may impress a professor of the subject.
Case study methods are many, which method you shall chose depends on case to case basis. Students need to a certain method that works for the particular case. Before writing begins a sound knowledge of method and design is important. The case study templates that you get from a professional writing service help you in drafting your case study in a better an appealing format.
Drafting a case study in a certain format is essential, as professor look for the format and evaluate your paper based on this and points presented. Also while doing a case study, conducting interviews is essential. Your paper should be presented based on the interviews. You need to do good amount of quality research for interview question.
A case study may be of any type, it may be based on science, technology, a social issues or a cause. Depending on the case study topic its format varies, there is no set criterion. Your case study format may be illustrative, exploratory, cumulative, collective, critical l or looking at specific subject with cause and effect results.
In general to write a case study you need to go through following steps
  • Decision on type of case study
  • Finding the topic for case study
  • Data mining for the chosen topic; internet is of great help for this but you may need to go to libraries  too and read books gather extracts from them.
  • Preparation of interview questions to ask to participants.
  • Organization of data for writing case study; this may include, theories, numbers, graphs, extracts, references and questions and answers etc
  • Preparing First Draft of case study
  • Editing, fact checking & correction of grammatical errors etc.
  • Final editing and proofreading
Are you looking to prepare a case study, Order A Professional Sample from

Work from home jobs for 2018

Spaces are getting narrower,  cost for amenities is rising. A work from home employee cost less to company. There are many jobs,  both small and big companies look to outsource as their cost saving strategy.  Many jobs that need help of a computer and Internet can happen from anywhere. If you are someone looking to work from home here are some job titles, perhaps you will find helpful.

Desk Top Publishing
Web Application Design
Computer Programming
Copy Writing
Technical Writing
Online Tutoring
Editing and Proofreading
Web Application Testing
Search Engine Marketing
Android Application Development, Design and Testing
iOS Application Development, Design and Testing
Social Media Management
Email Marketing
Product Design
Affiliate Marketing
Online Product Selling
Reviewing software product and books

This list is indicative only.  You can find many such job titles. For beginners there are places like Upwork,  People Per Hour, etc. However,  from these places you won't get regular and stable income.  But beginning small will help you in building your portfolio. Once you complete 2 / 3 projects successfully,  you can reach to employers through job sites like Monster,  Glassdoor etc.

How to get job in a dream company without a degree from a top school

Everyone is not fortunate enough to get schooled from a top school in the world. Any big company that you dreamt of hire from well known schools. When a candidate not get admission in a top school he / she decides to settle for the less. Looking for a job that give you livelihood is not a bad idea but giving up is truly bad. You need to explore other ways to get job in your dream company without a degree from top school or no degree at all. You can do with generous efforts.  Here are ways to get your dream job.
1. Every big company has a hiring page on its website. They know talent is everywhere.  If you have real talent they will like to hire you.
2. Check for open positions in your area of interests.  Know what they look for in a candidate for the said position.
3. May you have some skills but not all,  right.
4. Find a training program to learn those skills.
5. Polish your skills by options for internship in any company that can offer you similar portfolio or where your skills can be used.  Be open to do internship even without any pay.
6. Build insider connection through social media to know more about your dream company and hiring process.
7. Now is the time to apply.  Send them application even if there is no open positions. 
8. Write a powerful cover letter.
9. If you not get call for intervirw,  followup,  there will be vacancies anytime soon.
10. Seek help from hiring consultants probably a consultant will be able to schedule your interview with your dream company.
Do not give up.  Giving up is easy follow up is effortless and fruitful.