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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Board of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh (BIEAP)

The Board of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh (BIEAP) is administering authority for Intermediate Education in Andhra Pradesh. The board is responsible for deciding on curriculum and coursework, conduct of examination, declaration of results and affiliation to colleges.

The students studying in one of the Intermediate College of Andhra Pradesh write examination at the end of first year and second year i.e. equivalent to Class 11th and Class 12 of CBSE of CISCE Board Examination.

The candidates require to appear in three parts: Part I- English; Part II – Second Language and Part III – Group Subjects for 500 marks both in 1st Year and 2nd Year in Arts Group, 470 marks in 1st year and 530 marks in 2nd year in MPC Group and 440 marks in 1st year and 560 marks in 2nd year in Bi.P.C. group.

The percentage of pass marks in each paper is 35.

Besides offering Genera Courses BIEAP also grant affiliation to colleges offering vocational education in Andhra Pradesh.

I dig deeper inside BIEAP website to know how it helps students in learning. Particularly two things I found interesting: 1. Model Question Paper, 2. Audio Visual Material. To make decent score in examination not only need hard work but whole lot of smart work. Model Questions Papers help you in understanding about exam before you actually write it and audio visual material help in better understanding of the subject.

If you are hungry for more I recommend to KhanAcademy.Org. Over here you can find video lectures and notes around different subjects and topics for different level of examination preparation.

List of BIEAP Affiliated Colleges

Contact Details

Head Office

Board of Intermediate Education
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
Vidhyabhavan, Nampally
Hyderabad - 500001
Andhra Pradesh, India
Fax: 91-40-24732101

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