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7 tips for making Video Statement of Purpose (VSoP) for college application

Video Statement of Purpose

Writing college application is no more only pen and paper based work. Smartphones have changed everything so the way you write college application. Now many college ask for a video presentation i.e. Statement of Purpose (SoP) in a video. Admission officer want to know you in every possible way before short listing your application for interview. Though a Video SoP is optional till now but definitely make your chances even for college admission.

As you know college applications are online now. Admission cell give you option to upload a video link. You can create one, upload it on or and then provide link in application window or upload. To help you here are 7 tips for making Video Statement of Purpose (VSoP) for college application.

#1. Practice Practice Practice

Creating a Video based statement of purpose is as easy as doing any other core. No, you cannot be perfect in one go, you need to practice it. This is same like preparing for speech. Normally college may ask for a 1 minute video or may be little more. Admission officer want to know how you present yourself. To do this best way is to start creating videos in advance and ask your friends for reviews. You can upload over YouTube or Vimeo. So before you do one video for SoP you feel confident.

#2. Eye for details

You video statement of purpose must address any prompts.  It should be focused so it can help admission offer in deciding why you should be in for interview or may be a final call for admission. Be specific, if they ask a 2 minute video, provide them same, do not fall short or exceed. May be a couple second short or more will do no harm but it will be good if you can stick to the guidelines.

#3. Seek Help

College authorities are not asking a professional quality video from you. Please mind, it’s the statement of purpose. For creating a quality Video SoP you can seek help from your teachers, friends or a professional. Also YouTube has many such videos to watch. Make sure when recording that your face is clearly visible and sound quality is good. And you should look confident.

#4. Be creative

Your Video SoP should not be boring or like a written essay read aloud. Give a reason to your admission officer to watch it. You can add some visuals to make it attractive. Give your admission officer a fine presentation to prove your worth. College wants to take those in who can make a difference to the institute and community.
You want to study in a Berkeley or Cambridge and it’s a good thing, but question is how college will be benefited if give education to you apart from annual tuition fees.

#5. Stay Focused

Do not try to overdo or hide a thing or say something which is not true to you. If you do admission offer will know. Stay focused and honest. After all, they scan several thousand applicants every year.

#6. Show your persona

Tell about your academic achievements, interests, and future visions. Do not repeat things like your score card etc. Give admission officer a reason to let you in, in a course. Avoid speaking a topic that may be controversial.

#7. Entertain

Nobody like a boring speaker so does not your admission officer. You can be little humorous and entertaining but do not overdo. While recording a video for college application, dress like you are going to college, speak in proper English and stay confident. Do not show very personal side in video but stay focused and show why are you interested in studying a course in the said college.

Let me sum up....
When you plan to apply for a college you have some plans in your mind. There are definite reasons why you taking pain to apply. Not common reasons, but the specific one. Be honest to yourself and do mention it while recording VSoP for college application.

And most importantly leave something unsaid....

So as to raise the curiosity of admission officer to relook your College CV. And this happen when you do not try it hard but present yourself as you are. Never try to over impress that is not required if you are not applying for an artistic programme. 

Mind the gaps, words behind a short sweet smile are often hidden, small gestures matters a lot when you present yourself.

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