Tuesday, December 28, 2021

List of Top MBA programmes in India

This article is not based on any ranking agency measure. MBA that is a buzzword since always and it will be remain there. With advent of new technology we will see many new MBA specialization. If you are looking towards MBA study in India, here are many business schools. And majority of those offers seats to foreign nationals. 

These business school offers various management programmes, MBA programme, Post Graduate Diploma Programmes, Research programmes in Management, Executive Programmes in Management etc. Admission criteria across institutes differ however majority of institutes accept Score in Common Admission Test (GAT), Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) etc.

Many students look to join MBA programme from top educational institutions. Today there is no shortage of MBA programmes and with Online MBA programmes you can get your business degree sitting anywhere from anywhere.

However, if you are looking to come India and study MBA you must be looking for best MBA programmes.

For detailed knowledge about Top MBA Programmes in India See CAT page

What you look for in a college programme

Planning to attend a college programme? Look for;
  • Whether curriculum is relevant for present market needs?
  • If the programme has international recognition?
  • Is this a residential programme?
  • If admission is toughest in the town?
  • Who will guide you?
  • If college library have enough books in the subject?
  • How many research papers and or patents faculty has published?
  • Do college offer scholarships?
  • Whether college encourage students to pursue research?
  • Where you wish to go after college? If your college programme will support you to reach your goals?
  • Where are past year students? What they are doing?
  • Why college was in the news last year(s)?
  • How many seminars, events, competitions etc. they conduct over an year?
  • Whether exchange programme is available?
  • Internship and Job Placement options?
  • When in need or distress will you get enough help?
Scanning a college programme before you truly spend money and some 4 years of time is your right and your duty towards yourself.

I am not doubting any college programmes in particular. But often students chose a programme based on mouth and word opinions or may be some ratings. Those opinions and ratings may be fully or partially correct. However, its you who are planning to study that course. Scan. Analyze. Decide.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Career in Video Gaming | Career in Online Gaming

Video Gaming industry is worth multi-billion dollar. Its soaring. Budget smartphones and tablets added huge value to video game industry. Android made it truly viral. Today many pockets have smartphones supported by Android. Everyone loves to play video games and hence demand for human resources in video gaming industry is huge. "Worldwide game industry hits $91 billion in revenues in 2016, with mobile the clear leader, writes Dean Takahashi in Venture Beat

According to the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), UK game sales in 2016 generated more revenue than either video or music, increasing by +2.9% to £2.96bn (Source). In 2017, size of global video gaming industry going to grow to 108.9 billion dollar which is +7.8% up Year on Year basis. In Asia and the Pacific region, the size of gaming industry is 51.2 billion dollar, which is approximately 47% of world's video industry. (Source)

Monday, December 13, 2021

Self Help Safety Guide For Students Flying Abroad

Is this place safe enough? This question I often ask to myself when get into a new location even if it’s the next lane where I was never gone before. No I am not extra cautious but this habit is incarcerated since early days.

Contrary to popular belief that all foreign countries are rich and all people living there are good, there also found anti social elements. There also happen events like theft, robbery and eve teasing. Sick minded people are never confined to a certain geography but spread all over on the earth. Oftentimes, it’s we and our carelessness due to which untoward incidents happens.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

10 must acquire skills before you leave home for college

College Skills

Are you reading this article? Well, now it's your turn to do One-to-One with daily routine. I am habitual and adjustable to these :)

#1. Time management: Alarm Clock is your biggest enemy till date, as someone is always there to tell you, hey, hurry up, it's time to go for football or you are running late for class. Learn Time Management. Do you know what is difference between Successful People and Less Successful? Highly successful people manage their time better, they put best efforts in available time to gain maximum output. DO NOT DO ANYTHING MORE, DO NOT DO ANYTHING LESS. Do it as much as it is required at optimal.

16 Websites and Apps For Entrance Exam Preparation

Test Prep

Every student appears for entrance examination at some stage in life. Preparing for an entrance exam takes ample amount of time and energy. You need to with the crowd and stand out as distinct. In any entrance examination the number of candidates qualified is significantly less than the number of candidates appeared for it. Preparation matters. Irrespective of at what examination a student is writing, the level of questions asked are always high. An entrance examination tests you for 3 things. One: What you have studied in previous years. 2. Your academic aptitude, are you able to take admission in a said course for which examination is being conducted and 3. Whether you would be able to complete further course work successfully?

The questions asked in any entrance examination come from the curriculum that you had studied in preceding years. However, the level of questions asked are high.

This is digital age, computers, laptops and mobile devices are available in abundance. The method of learning is changing slowly. Now many best teachers prefer teaching online. Student also loves studying while sitting at home. To help in your entrance examination preparation, I gatherer 16 Website and Apps that you can use for entrance test preparation. 

Following given the list and web address. Through these website you can get access to Online Learning for Entrance Examination (Web based learning, App based learning, Computer Based Learning or a combination of few or all of these).
  1. Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org)
  2. Lynda (www.linda.com)
  3. TCYOnline.(www.tcyonline.com)
  4. WizIQ Education Online (www.wiziq)
  5. Wisdom24x7.com (www.wisdom24x7.com)
  6. MeritNation.com (www.meritnation.com)
  7. Toppr.com (www.toppr.com)
  8. Yahoo Answers (https://in.answers.yahoo.com/)
  9. LearnHub.com (www.learnhub.com)
  10. Aakash iTutor (www.aakashitutor.com)
  11. Brilliant Tutorials E-Tutor (www.brilliant-tutorials.com)
  12. SnapDeal (www.snapdeal.com/products/e-learning)
  13. Flipkart (www.flipkart.com/e-learning)
  14. Topperlearning.com (www.topperlearning.com)
  15. SimplyLearnt.com (www.simplylearnt.com)
Note: using these website, you also prepare for school exams, board exams, college exams, and competitive exams to obtain a job.

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