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Download Cheat Sheet: How to chose between two different jobs

Throughout the academic career, an individual acquire many skills. From among the skill sets he / she can apply for couple of jobs. Today's question arise from my Quora Profile; an user asked which is better job, editing or marketing?

Editing and Marketing are very broad terms, but from the question I felt and most precisely, I suppose, this person is eligible for both the jobs but not pretty sure to which to make a career choice. For obvious reasons, I think of perhaps this is the problems of many job seekers when they are stuck in selecting a career.

Suppose you have two jobs to chose from Job A and B or three Jobs, Job A, B and C then how to select the better one that fits you?

Consider following points when deciding between Jobs. Ask to yourself following questions

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for this job?What are the new things I need to learn to do this job? Oo I have necessary skills?Where I want to be 2 year / 3 year / 5 year down the line? Can this job…
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How to go for a career in medical research in India

This is question of a 5th grader who want to become a medical researcher

Study of medicine is the job of the ordinary. If you are the one who don't want to wear many hats and living anatomy is a question to you, seek solace in medical research. Choosing a career path is pretty easy and medical colleges are fun to live. No, don't ask about courses. Dip your own shoes and know. Only thing I know is professors come to class and teach. If you are not in study mood sleep or go cafeteria. Here are 5 steps

Study life sciences for class 11th and 12th
Write NEET
Get a medical degree
Get a PG Medical Degree
Get a DM/MCh

And you are done

Here are details about NEET SS, the test to pass to get into medical research program

You are in 5th Grade, I would say enjoy your subjects, play and have fun.
All the best.

Me gonna play with my Guitar 

Papa Kahte hai bada naam karega.......

Re-Take Class 12th Board

Q. I did poorly in class 12th Board Examination. Should I take one more year and retake the exam to improve my grade? With such low marks I cannot get admission to any good college. Help.

Ans. First congratulations that you cleared the class 12th board exam, perhaps soon you are going to be eligible to get a driving license.
I understand your disappointment, you are felling bad now in the company of friends. And you are facing unhappy parents too.
You are most talked topic in relatives house.
So here your popularity graph is rising but for how long, only for few days, then it will return to a normal cycle.
The pain point is admission to a good college, right? But incidentally I know only about better colleges and better colleges recruit better students.
Because better students are better learners.
And want to do better by burning out one more year for some more marks.
Here before, you decide to study same curriculum again for next year, I would say
Look after your marks of past …

7 tips for making Video Statement of Purpose (VSoP) for college application

Writing college application is no more only pen and paper based work. Smartphones have changed everything so the way you write college application. Now many college ask for a video presentation i.e. Statement of Purpose (SoP) in a video. Admission officer want to know you in every possible way before short listing your application for interview. Though a Video SoP is optional till now but definitely make your chances even for college admission.

What is a crash course and for whom

Come entrance examination time and town walls get painted with posters like Crash Course, Quick Course, Revision Course, Two Month Crash Course, 3 Month Crash Course, 10 Day Crash Course, 3 Day Crash Course blah blah blah....
This is the time when all students are serious about their future. Even those who never attended full lectures in class start thinking big, bigger and much bigger. Parents want to send you in top college of the city.
If I keep aside discrepancies in entrance examinations commonly these exams are considered as fair exams where one do not get chance to cheating and selections are based on score and rank.
Fear sales, crash courses are administered during exam time and compartively cheaper than a full time course. Therefore, its good time of the year for coaching institutes to make some good money in less time for small efforts. Coaching institutes are not wrong, it’s a business to them, student is a product.
So if there is a crash course is on offer near you let’s un…

ARIIA 2019: Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements

India Rankings 2019: Ranking of Higher Educational Institutions on Performance The MHRD, Government of India has released NIRF 2019 Ranking of Higher Educational Institutions. This year the ranking also got another synonymous ARIIA (Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements) in the name of Pt. Atal Bihari Vajpayee the Former Prime Minister, Statesman, Author, Poet, World No. 1 of his time, politician and the man who placed India on a new technology base. His slogan after Pokharan II was Jai Jawan - Jai Kisan - Jai Vigyan

The Indian Institute of Technology IIT Madras is placed on top with No. 1 NIRF 2019. While my personal favorite and the leader among all in tech education and research IISc Bangalore is at No. 2. Following given Top 100 Higher Education Institutions in India according to National Institutional Ranking Framework NIRF 2019

Indian Institute of Technology MadrasIndian Institute of Science IISc BangaloreIndian Institute of Technology DelhiIndian Institute of …

2019 GATE Result declared

The 2019 GATE was organized by India Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. The score will be applicable for admission into Graduate Programs in science, engineering technology across all IITs, NITs, IISc Bangalore and various other universities accepting GATE Score. Also GATE Score is selection criteria of engineers and scientists across different PSUs. The IIT Madras has announced 2019 GATE Results today.
Here is official link to 2019 GATE Result