Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 Tips- How to manage your exam days?

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Hey Folks,

This is exam time in sub continent, CBSE class 10th and Class 12 exams are already administering, besides all state boards CICSE, ICSE and Entrance Exams are also in the running, and least but not lost those appearing in 10th and 12th boards have also to undergo for entrance exam testing, high time for 14 – 16 year old fellows to follow mum’s advice so as to carry good grades. I too have given certain exams and still I appear in some of them so from personal experiences I am jotting down here 10 Key tips HOPE HELPFUL FOR YOU EXAM GOERS.

1. Do not study. Cheers, who wana study after all you can’t eat the books. RELAX so your nervous system may remember properly what you have learnt during classroom teaching, tuition classes and self-study.

2. Catch enough sleep. Use your bed 8 – 10 hours in a day for sleeping; of course you can sleep with books behind pillow. No Problem.

3. Do not put yourself much in front of Computer playing games when you play a game you concentrate much on screen this may cause headache which is always bad.

4. Do some light exercise like have 15-minutes walk everyday NOT IN the SUN. You can walk inside your room, windows open or terrace or nearby park if there exist enough trees to protect you from SUN.

5. Consume good quality foods, which feel good in stomach and freshen you.

6. Do not take too much coffee, soft drinks or sugary food. Having 1 / 2 cup coffee or a soft drink is either not bad. Do not overdo.

7. Drink enough water when feel stressed, take deep breaths, or go in a cool air or simply shut your eyes and relax for a couple of minutes. Listen some light music. In case you feel unwell, see your doctor do not take chance.

8. Forget the exam you already have appeared yesterday. Already you have written it. Do not think at all; remember you have to write other exam tomorrow.

9. Keep revising important facts, formulae, and definitions of your class notes / formulae book etc for your next exam.

10. Stay cool, calm and alert, simply reach your exam center best 30 minutes before time, follow the instructor and write your exam in simplest of the manner, you are at the verge of deliver your best.

These are summer days in most of the part of sub continent keep a water bottle during exam with you so you sip water occasionally to keep yourself fresh throughout the exam. Must have a light good meal 1 –2 hour before your exam begin so you stay full of calories throughout the exam for next couple of hours.

Wishing Best of Luck to All Fellow Exam Goers

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