IIM Lucknow has more no of girls students this year

One of the top brand of IIMs, the IIM Lucknow has more number girls students this years in Post Graduate Program which owes to 2% weightage given to female candidates this year.
According to various news sources out of 453 seats avaialable, 167 are taken by girls. In out of 407 seats, 144 are taken by girls; in PGP ABM out of 46 seats 50% are taken by girls.

The Lucknow's IIM key focus was ensuring gender diversity without any compromise on merit. The IIM Lucknow 2012-14 batch has the largest numbers of PGP students with higher would be female managers. Students from engineering backgound makes 79.9% in PGP and 76% in PGP ABM. As far as experience is concerned in 2012-14 PGP batch 41.5% students have 0-11 months work experience and 33.4% students have 12-23 months experience. 25.1% students have more than 2 years work eperience.

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