Online Portal will act on ragging complaints within 15 minutes

The standard of education has gone down to manifolds in past decades, may be the bookish knowledge has improved and boys and girls has attained new heights, but human behavior has deteriorated inside the educational institutions in India.
So many deaths happened in the name of ragging and institutes are nearly forced to open Special Cell for Woman to make complaints related sexual harassment. It is scary, shameful and .... what not, in a country like India where women are worshiped; guys and galz are taught from childhood to help others, where teacher is a mentor and has place above God, training institutes are above any church, mosque or temple, in the same country, students misbehaved inside academic institutions and in some case even precious lives lost. This is not academic education but a sort of social shortcomings.

Ragging is a menace and perhaps the biggest evil inside academic institutions, though prohibited by law, but still prevails.

To fight up ragging menace the HRD ministry soon launching a web portal where a complaint will be look after within 15 minutes after registering complaint.

The definition of ragging in Wikipedia, the world's largest online encyclopedia  

Ragging is a practice in educational institutions in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka that involves existing students baiting or bullying new students. Link

My personal take:

Your juniors in the college or like your brothers, sisters and of course younger friends. Do not abuse them, do not beat them, rather teach them so they can carry the anti ragging torch lit by you and hand it over to their juniors in succession. Teach your juniors, treat your younger friends, develop courage them, guide them towards the right path, so they can be proud of you and so the world.

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