Top MBA Colleges in India

What after 10+2 / K-12, the most crucial stage in a student's life. After completing 3/4 years of college course immediate question that an student throws on your face is what after graduation?
I am a graduate or in final year of graduation and what i should do now to earn livelihood, a job or course. Almost 50% think about going for a course and choose to do apply for MBA. This lot hunts for 'from where to do MBA'. IIMs makes first choice among MBA aspirants and sweat appears in most of the foreheads in the name of cracking CAT - Common Admission Test for MBA aka management institutes in India. Between all this one of the basic question still goes answered, from where to do MBA. And counter questions also arises like which are top institutes in India for MBA or which is the best institute for PG Diploma in Management etc.

Every institute is best for MBA, yes, every institute given it has adequate training facilities and awards recognized degree, one can do MBA from any institute, this is an idea answer. Beyond this idealistic approach or hypothetical approach, there exists some kind of supremacy between MBA colleges. This is why different MBA institutes are different in their own sense.

The first criteria to identify a Top MBA institute is to know about its selection process. Rigorous selection process means you will get adequate teaching. An unique example in this regard is selection process in defence forces, its rigorous there, even training is more rigorous, which produces tough soldiers who live for honor and die for honor. Same is true for MBA. Rigorous selection process determines whether one would be able to complete coursework and what he / she have learned in academics. CAT is one of the most rigorous test considered after college for Post Graduate Program admission. CAT is admission criteria for admission into IIMs. Also many non IIMs Institutes accept CAT score for MBA admission. These institutes one can considered as Top MBA Institutes in India. Also buzz is that IITs will be accepting CAT score from coming academic years for MBA admission.

Going by the hypothesis following listed Top MBA Institutes in India for churning out industry managers.

This list is indicative only to help you in deciding upon Top MBA institutes in India.

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