CBSE to offere open book board exam begining 2013

The Central Board of Secondary Education - CBSE, New Delhi will offer open book exam for CBSE Class 10th and CBSE Class 12th beginning academic session CBSE 2013-14. The new system will test the students on what one did understand from the curriculum instead of memory based testing. The exam will be capable of testing students analytical abilities.

The new exam will be called Pre Announced Test - PAT; students will be told question format 4months prior to exam. Level of question will be high in open book exam format. A formal announcement is expected around December this year in this regard.

In My personal opinion- Open book exam will be definitely tough, however, not beyond reach if should have understood the course material. I will like to summarize difficulty level of open book exam as follows-

2+2 = ? Ans 4 - Simple Exam

2+2 = 5-1 = x+1; what is x here - Open book exam.

Open book exam will be more beneficial to students, it will require you study round the year instead of few weeks or month before exam.

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