Is coaching necessary?

Coaching is synonymous to studies for many. Everyday we come across news articles and coaching advertisements claming big success, showing photographs of students and often times of faculty members who added in success of hundreds of students. Well before joining actual courses students look for suitable coaching to achieve good grades. Be it academic exams, admission test or an examination for employment there is a mad-mad rush to attend coaching. More than 95% student population receives coaching either for whole curriculum or for a particular subject.

Is coaching necessary?

Is coaching really something without which you can’t excel in academics or is this tempting advertisement claming ‘Our student got first rank in IITJEE’ which attracts you. Or is this fear of examination which sends you to coaching institute to join. Is the time finally over when students shown excellence in academics without help of coaching?

Going by a case study which I done myself in 2002, in IIT JEE preliminary examination, most students who were made it through screening test were from some coaching institute. Was this the effort of coaching institute who really helped or this was chance that most of the aspirants who appeared in examination were students of a coaching?

This is not the case with IIT JEE only but for all examination taking place on earth, be it a junior class examination or civil services examination or any other. The number of students who comes from a coaching background is enormous may be numbered up to 90% of total available seats or more. Also the students studying in schools and colleges are always part of some coaching. This trend put a question mark on ability of those who can not afford a good coaching institute which led to another question, is coaching makes you brilliant?

Going by the law of nature, learning abilities can not be improved with help of a coaching. Also a coaching institute can not guarantee 100% success of a candidate who is already brilliant, no matter if he/she is coaching or not. Also it can never be said sure that a student who rely on self study can not get excellent grades. At times we came across interesting stories where students from poor family backgrounds become engineers, doctors, civil servants, etc without help of any coaching.

Coaching institutes are sending huge number of candidates in various fields of life. But one of the almost untouched area in which candidates from coaching institute are not making presence is research and development. Though there are rigorous examination accompanied with tough interview process. Yes, this is field where most of aspirants come through self study. Every research scholar can not be a gifted child, except a fistful, most of the researchers and scientists comes from ordinary background without coaching. And for any reason one can’t rate these ordinary folks as less intelligent. Examination for Indian Defence Services or another example where student comes through self study, though in past couple of years some coaching institute started classes but they are still few in numbers.

Scientifically speaking, no coaching institute can alter your brain chemistry, there is no such law. Going by the probability theory ‘the chances of success of a student in a particular exam who took coaching is 50%’ and same is true for one who not took coaching and relied on self studies. Any event which took place within this universe natural or semi natural obeys probability theory or say laws of nature. Those of you introduced with probability theory must be agreed with above facts. And those who do not know understand it as POSSIBILITY LAW, which is scientifically proven.

Success in exams comes from smart studies. Do these coaching institute really helps in studying smart or is this the temptation that your friend is taking coaching so you also. Or is this the institute which has record success rate in brain sharpening that attracts you? Why you have joined a coaching or you wish to join one? Answer to this question really lies deep within you? May be you really need help in those permutations but also attending English class? Is coaching really helping you or you can not take self study route?

Considering the number of coaching institutes which is growing and may be will be an organized sector in few years, may be a decade, vis-à-vis the number of students who takes some coaching and achieve, its can’t be said sure if coaching not essential for those who can study self or can not afford it or is coaching necessary for those who can afford it?

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