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Is coaching necessary?

Coaching is synonymous to studies for many. Everyday we come across news articles and coaching advertisements claming big success, showing photographs of students and often times of faculty members who added in success of hundreds of students. Well before joining actual courses students look for suitable coaching to achieve good grades. Be it academic exams, admission test or an examination for employment there is a mad-mad rush to attend coaching. More than 95% student population receives coaching either for whole curriculum or for a particular subject.

Is coaching necessary?
Is coaching really something without which you can’t excel in academics or is this tempting advertisement claming ‘Our student got first rank in IITJEE’ which attracts you. Or is this fear of examination which sends you to coaching institute to join. Is the time finally over when students shown excellence in academics without help of coaching?

Going by a case study which I done myself in 2002, in IIT JEE preliminar…