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Govt's Anti Ragging Portal Live Now

बालक नागरकिता का प्रथम पाठ माँ के चुम्बन और पिता के दुलार के बीच सीखता है. Anti ragging portal is live now off course to curb ragging evil prevailing everywhere in the world. Now students who are ragged or harassed by senior batch mates may raise a complain via and immediate action will be taken. In the past couple of years, specially in past a decade some major mishaps happens and horrible deaths, precious lives lost in the name of ragging. Students and parents lost faith in senior boys and girls and in academic systems. We all know one rotten egg spoils full basket of eggs, that not mean all eggs were rotten. In the past what happens were not ragging, those incidents were plain crime. Ragging means positive training and not torture in the name of ragging. Anti Ragging initiative is definitely one of the good initiative to restore faith in academic administration, the success of this portal will depend on senior boys and girls how they will treat their youn

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