A week before JEE Main 2013

This is a week time from now when you will be appearing for JEE Main 2013, 'All India Entrance Examination' for admission into Sciences and Engineering Under Graduate Programs. The score will define how many miles away from home you will get admission in a college. Many of you must be feeling butterflies in the stomach, and its obvious, you are not alone.

Here are few tips for those who are well prepared for writing JEE Main 2013

The main worries of many of you might be whether i should qualify to appear in JEE Advanced 2013? Too much of thought will hamper your JEE Main Score. At this point of time JEE Main is your target and not JEE Advanced. Lets keep the things easy. First Thing First. Concentrate around JEE Main 2013 only. A good score is essential  and you know this.

JEE Main 2013 will test you in 3 subjects physics, chemistry and mathematics of class 11th and 12th standard. However the level of question will be higher as JEE Main 2013 is competitive examination. At this point study moderately and moderately only. Do not overburden yourself. Just go slow, revise formulae, definitions, facts and figures etc. from your already prepared class notes or books.

Do not study anything new towards preparation of JEE Main 2013 at this stage. Whatever you studied till date is sufficient given you are well prepared.

Take some mock tests, of previous exams. Earlier JEE Main was under name AIEEE, download some question papers and attempt those questions under examination conditions. You can download AIEEE Old Question Papers from this website, click here.

Are you writing JEE Main Computer Based Examination? To know about how JEE Main 2013 may look like, refer to Mock Test and FAQs for JEE(Main) – 2013 Computer Based Examination

How many revisions are enough before JEE Main 2013?

A week before JEE Main, 3 revisions in my view seems sufficient. Overdoing is not necessary, save your energy for test day, do just 3 revisions of formula and definitions etc and attempt 3 mock tests. If your score low in a mock test in a certain area, do not panic, just go through the main book you followed throughout JEE preparation in the topic.

Health is wealth- take good care of your well being, play light games, watch favorite TV program or listen your fav music, these activities will keep you energized. Follow good eating habits, this is already summer time in most part of India when you need much fluid consumption. Drink enough water, take good food that suits your taste buds and tummy both. This is important especially for those living away from home.

  • JEE Main 2013 Paper Based Test will be held on 07.04.2013
  • JEE Main 2013 Computer Based Test will be held during 08.04.2013 through 25.04.2013

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Are you feeling like asking something to me, reach me through comment box below, i will try my best to help you if i can.

Take the help of your JEE Mentors for JEE Main 2013, they are best guide. 

Relax, revise and stay healthy, appear for JEE Main 2013 like any other examination and you would succeed. Think like a winner :)

A day before JEE Main 2013? Do not study, Stay Relaxed, or study very moderately only (revision of formulae etc). Its sufficient of preparation.

Keep in mind you have to carry necessary stuffs e.g. pen, pencil, admit card etc to JEE Main 2013 Exam Hall. Keep these things ready to avoid any last minute hassle. 

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