United States-India Science and Technology ENDOWMENT FUND
"Commercializing Technologies For Social Impact"***

The Government of United States of America (through the Department of State) and India through the Department of Science & Technology have established the United States - India Science & Technology Endowment Fund for promotion of joint activities that would lead to innovation and techno-preneurship through the appreciation of science & technology. The aim of the fund is to support and foster joint applied R&D to generate public good through commercialization of technology achieved through sustained partnerships between US and Indian researchers and entrepreneurs.

The Endowment Fund activities are implemented and administered through the bi-national Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF).

Call for Executive Summary

Objectives: To select and support through a grants program financially promising joint US-India entrepreneurial initiatives. These initiatives can originate from government, academic, non-governmental or commercial entities, and any combination thereof provided they focus on applied R&D, incorporate a business plan, and proof of commercial concept and significant sustainable commercial potential.

Program Areas
Healthy Individual: Affordable Biomedical devices, diagnostic / preventative curative measures, or food and nutrition products to improve health. (Drug Developments and Clinical Trial are not eligible activities in this category).

Empowering Citizens: Reducing the digital / technology divide. This could include amongst others, information and communication technologies with societal impact in areas such as water, agriculture, financial inclusion, and education.


Proposal must include a minimum of one partner from each country. Bi-national teams applying to the Endowment will work together to commercialize technologies for societal impact.

The Bi-national teams can include:
(I) Start-Up Companies; or
(II) Incorporated Companies; or
(III) Non-incorporated entities; or
(iv) Individuals or consortia from academia, government laboratories, non-government R&D Institutions.

Each bi-national team must include at the time of application an entrepreneurial (small-scale as opposed to large-scale) entity that will receive a portion of the grant and take the technology to the market. If partners are planning to form a new venture to commercialize the technology, the proposal should include planned incorporation date and the amount of grants requested for the new entity.

The proposed technology must have the potential to be commercialize within 2-3 years.


Size of Each Award: Upto Rs. 2.50 Crores or $400,000 (approx.)
For proposal guidelines and format, please visit www.usistef.org

Submission Deadline: 30 November 2013

***Note: This is opportunity for entrepreneurs; and not for students seeking admission or examination information. However, students can go through it for knowledge.

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