IITs offer early entry research admission to NITs students

At under graduate level, JEE is the norm for entry into IITs, now JEE Advanced. However, soon we may see a change in this, as IITs BoDs have taken a decision to allow NITs final students to complete studies in IITs. This facility will be available to few selected students of NITs.
This decision has been taken according to Anil Kakodakar’s Committee report, and will be placed before standing committee for approval.

This move will ensure that the IITs resources will be utilized optimally by attracting better students for research programs leading to award of PhD degrees. The suggestion was made by the Anil Kakodkar committee in its April 2011 report titled 'Taking IITs to Excellence and Greater Relevance'.

Kakodkar committee report suggested that while intense efforts had been proposed to attract IIT grads into the PhD programme, it was also necessary to attract students from other top engineering schools. "The NITs, along with some of the better engineering education institutions, should become important feeders of quality graduates into post-graduate and research programmes, including at the IITs," the report said.

The selection will work roughly in following manners-

The bright students in any NIT will be recommended to IITs where they shall be interviewed by IIT panels for research potential.
The selected students will be admitted to IIT campus for completion of final year studies and further to pursue research program leading to award of PhD degrees.
The graduate degree will be awarded by NIT, however; the PhD degree will be awarded by IIT.