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The one quality Virgin looks for in new applicants

Everyone need a job; me, you and person standing behind in the queue. Everyone is efficient. Not winning on a job interview is in no way defines that you are under qualified. If you are not qualified for this job then perhaps next best job and sure that will come your way one day. At times what happens is, a lesser qualified candidate get job offer while those truly fit are left behind. The fault is not of recruitment manager but its YOU. 

I am fascinated by new career opportunities, whether its studying river linking plan or DevOps or Cloud Computing new things always inspires me to find more new things. I always want to work with employers where I can help others. However, finding a right fit is really really a tough task.

This was winters of 2015 in India when I was looking for new Content Writing Assignments. Virgin advertised (for the post of Editor) and I jumped on the opportunity. Requirements were simple in fact very simple at first look. I checked calendar and found there are only 15 days remain left before which I must apply. I run this blog and another blog and also work for couple of other companies. Being 15 years experienced in Content Writing, Editing, Academic Writing and SEO, I was quite confident to pass through the first round i.e. receiving a call to appear for the first round of testing. I gave to this a second thought and asked myself, 

'Virgin is a big company, what are the qualities employer will look for in a new applicant?' 

Being based in India, I don't have any real access to virgin work culture, neither any of my acquaintances work inside virgin to who I can ask. Before applying it was primary requirement to look across Virgin's hiring methods, work culture, previous hires portfolio and haring managers profiles etc. The task seemed to me like, if I will start preparing to write application for Virgin, I will need to take off from my regular job. Ultimately, I din't applied. 

Virgin is big company, in fact very big and growing under the leadership of Sir Richard Branson. I read him often. Who don't want to work for an awesome employer?

However, you need to know what is the one quality RB looks for while interviewing candidates. Answer is pretty simple, he looks in you 'how you can inspire people?'

"Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great." - Mark Twin

Are you looking for new job, internship or a job change, browse through Virgin Careers 


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