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Q&A: I have 10 year experience in Voice Based jobs? Suggest me some nice course to find a new job or make my Startup successful

Question: A reader asked: I am a B.Com. graduate from a reputed university in India and hold Certificate in Web Computing from NIIT in MS Application, Front Page, JAVA, SQL 7.0. I am good in English and hence took job in voiced based industry where I serve to national and international clients. Though in past 10 years, I did job in voice based industry but unsatisfied with my growth. I am 40 now but at the same place where I was 10 years ago. Please suggest me some job oriented or business course that I can take to move ahead and make a decent living. Now, I am into my own Startup with meager capital. Its a venture into corporate gifting but its a seasonal business and I am afraid if it will dwindle my savings.

Answer: Dear reader, from your description what I can interpret is, you are good in servicing to people and its extremely good to know that you are risk taker that's why you took the plunge in business. Starting an Startup is the job of courageous people. Out there in the world very few can take to that route. Since you are good in convincing people, you can raise more capital to put in your Corporate Gifting Venture. Perhaps banks can put money in your business if your credit ratings are good. But best ways to raise funds, is finding an Angel Investor,  those who can put money in your business. If they are impressed with your idea, for sure many will take risk of investing. Alternatively, you also can bring out many such Startup ideas, meet investors, impress them and keep going. Learning is important to do successful business. You can join a course like Launch Pad  to learn new things and make your Startup idea a success. 

That is one route. 

You are interested in learning more new things and that's a good symptom. Based on your skill sets, I will suggest you to take to coding. You already hold a Certificate in Web Computing f in MS Application, Front Page, JAVA, SQL 7.0. In the Computers and IT industry two things are on the rise; demand for software professionals and social media marketers. 

Though you hold a certificate in codes but 10 years is too long time. Things have changed manifold in these years. You can relearn. There are many course in the market place in computing and web technology. Personally I am strong advocate of online learning. Also because, you put your time in job, it will be difficult for you to join a full time program. However, no worries, you can take to online learning. There are many online tutorials both free and subscription based. Some are: W3Schools, KhanAcademy,, Codecademy, Code School and etc All these platforms holds loads of tutorials in many different computer languages. Chose that you like the most, learn and do new a job or start selling your skills.

Social Media is on the rise. If you can write effectively and raise strong sales pitch, take to Social Media, build your audience and start working as Social Media Marketer. You can find a job as social media marketer or start your own venture. There many course both online and offline to learn Social Media and grab a certificate. Also you can learn a lot from Social Media Influencers like Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, Mark Guberti and many other Social Media greats.

Whether you mean business or job, LinkedIn.Com is top social media to get together with job seekers and employers. Do not forget to build an impressive profile over there.

Online businesses are on the rise and so does blogging. Contrary to popular belief, it takes whole lot of efforts to make your blog successful. Since you are good in English and also you know how to code, to earn a decent living you can turn to niche blogging. Here are my blogging tutorials.

At this point, I am binding up. I hope, you query is solved if not perfect than at least near to perfection. If you have any more questions please feel free to submit Ask Question form below. 

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