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Anatomy Of A College Fresher Bio Data

Educational Institutions across the world churn out eligible human resources on year to year basis. Only a fistful get first job / internship through campus selection. However, a huge pool of eligible graduates and diploma holders leave campus with a question in mind 'whether I shall get a job?' Writing bio data is first thing that every college fresher do while still studying in final year of college. And I know writing your First Bio Data is extremely difficult task in hand. Nobody can do it perfectly so not you. However, to help you, here is: Anatomy of A College Fresher Bio Data

Fresher Bio Data

What All I Need To Write A Bio Data?

Mandatory Ingredients: A sheet of paper or computer enabled with Office / Open Office Like software program; Copy of your passport size digital photograph, and you.

Let's Begin Here!

Take a sheet of paper or create a file in the disk of you computer, name it 'mycv'

Pick Your Photograph: Paste it in the top right zone of your bio data.

Quick Details: In the Left hand side adjacent to your snapshot, provide your Name, Email Address, Phone, and Social Media Link (LinkedIn preferred)

Subject: Application for the position of Fresher '...................'

Career Objective: Whether this is most desirable job you are applying for or not, write a cool catchy heading that shows you are best fit for this job. DO NOT BEG. Tell your worth, why you are valuable to this employer in some 25/30 words.

Educational Qualification: I prefer mention of educational qualification in descending order. Latest qualification acquired should get mention first then previous one. If you did internship during college years, mention it next to college level qualification, followed by other educational details.

References Matters: At least 2 references are recommended. However, you can mention 2 / 3. References should not be coming from close sources like a relative etc. Your faculty  / project guide or the place where you did internship or a employer, in case you did some work previously, are considered as better references.

How high was the wall of college??? LOL

No, don't jump. Mention your special achievements during school and college years, for example, Scholarships Won, Medals and Other Recognition/ Honors and Awards.

Write Down Your Personal Details

Now its end of the information,
At the end, in the left zone write Date and Place and adjacent to this in the right zone, put your signature.

Following shown Anatomy Of A College Fresher Bio Data in image you can download and print.

Bio Data Style

Other Requirements for A College Fresher Bio Data

Recruiters get thousands of resumes like your's for every single post advertised. Your resume need to stand out in the crowd. No recruiter has time to read each and every applicants' resume word to word. Your bio data passes through scanning eyes. Make your bio data presentable so recruiter does notice it and shortlist instead of sending into the trash can. 
  • Make proper selection of font size and style
  • Do not over bold text. I often come across resumes where job seekers do too much bold text. Overdoing of anything is bad. To many bold characters in your bio data  may irritate your recruiter's eyes
  • Take special care for spacing between lines and paragraphs. Do not create unwanted empty white spaces between lines / words / characters.
  • KISS (Keep It Short & Simple): If not ultimately necessary, create your bio data so that it limit within one A4 size of paper sheet.
  • Proofread: Once you write complete details, must proofread it for spelling and grammar errors. Small mistakes may cost you dearly.
Do you know a tip that can benefit college freshers while applying for job? Share here through comment box below. 

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