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12 tips on studying for exam and score more

Nobody teaches how to study? This is why many student lag behind in academics. Be this school teacher, tuition teacher or parents. Problem is those fellows also don't know study tips because nobody teach them either. You can find a trainer for personal development, speech, etc but finding a right teacher is pretty tough. A chemistry expert can not show you ways to study chemical engineering. I have pretty tough experiences during my study years as there was no one to guide me. When I moved from primary school to junior school, i found mathematics extremely tough. My math teacher was always ready to beat black and blue if one does not listen patiently. So asking doubt for a 10 year young mind was out of question. Time passes by I moved to next class. In the next year I met a math lecturer who happen to be family friend also. He started helping me and improvement was AWESOME. I found, Math was not but teacher.  Heck, why should I study Benzene ring if its not interesting to me.