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Want to learn online? Here is your guide!!!

Different people have different ways of doing things. They live differently on their own way and make a difference to the world, differently. Everybody need to learn. Some people learn better in groups and classrooms, some learn better during most silent hours. I am writing this post at wee hours. That's nature. All people are made of same blood and flesh but they all carry distinct personalities. There are men and women who learn better online. This century will be known in the history of mankind for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Here is Ted Talk: John Green's Lecture "The Nerd's Guide To Learn Everything Online". I am passionate about online learning simply because I learnt everything from books, computers and nature. Here is your turn now.

Top 5 Read Books of 2015 on Google Play Store

Everybody loves books. Perhaps some can argue and say a Nay. Someone can say, no, I love Piano. Show him a great book about a great pianist and see the reaction. Times have changed, its era of ebooks. The beginning of 22nd Century shall be known in history for 3 technological innovations: 1. Smartphones (in every pocket); 2. Elearning (Virtual Classrooms) and 3. Social Media (it’s viral). The Cloud will be the biggest innovation of 22nd century. Definitely concept is in existence since long back but virtual cloud started taking it space only very recently.