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QnA: SAT / SAT Subjects Tests

SAT is as administered by College Board for admission into US Colleges. Here are answered general questions about SAT Test / SAT Subject Test.

What is SAT?
SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, its an examination to test your college readiness after 12 year of school education.

What is pattern of SAT Test?SAT has two versions: 1. SAT and 2. SAT Subject Test
SAT is a general test. It comprises of Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, and a Math Test. Also SAT has an optional Essay Component. Check with your college of choice if it requires SAT Essay Component Score.

SAT Subject Test is administered in following study disciplines

  1. Mathematics Level 1
  2. Mathematics Level 2
  3. Biology E / M
  4. Chemistry
  5. Physics
  6. English
  7. US History
  8. World History
  9. Spanish
  10. Spanish with Listening
  11. French
  12. French with Listening
  13. Chinese with Listening
  14. Italian
  15. German
  16. German with Listening
  17. Modern Hebrew
  18. Latin
  19. Japanese with Listening
  20. Korean with Listening
I am International Student, when can I appear for the SAT / SAT Subject Test?
2017 - 18 SAT Dates
Oct 7, 2017     SAT and SAT Subject Tests
Nov 4, 2017     Subject Tests only
Dec 2, 2017     SAT and SAT Subject Tests
Mar 10, 2018     SAT only
May 5, 2018     SAT and SAT Subject Tests
Jun 2, 2018     Subject Tests only

2018–19 SAT Dates
Oct 6, 2018     SAT and SAT Subject Tests
Nov 3, 2018     Subject Tests only
Dec 1, 2018     SAT and SAT Subject Tests
Mar 9, 2019     SAT only
May 4, 2019     SAT and SAT Subject Tests
Jun 1, 2019     Subject Tests only

For latest SAT Test Dates, SAT Subject Test Dates and Deadlines you may follow the link

How can I register for the next SAT?To apply for next SAT / SAT Subject Test go here

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