6 tips to write Miller Analogies Test

The Miller Analogies Test is held for both,  graduate school admissions in the United States and entrance to high I.Q.. Miller Analogic Test is a standard and high-level test which is based on verbal and computer as other 3graduate school admissions exams such as the GRE. There are 120 questions comes in this exam and out of 120 questions, 100 of them will count towards the final score and the other 20 are experimental.  Now we are going to discuss how to prepare for Miller Analogy Test.

Preparation tips for Miller Analogy Test(MAT)
1.Make a time schedule after getting the exam date – Make sure you have time to study when you are preparing for this exam. Don’t waste your time in other things, and focus on your study. Make a time schedule and at least give enough time to the preparation. If you start the preparation very early, the result is you may very well lose interest and motivation and will not focus.

2.Select the study Material or MAT books – Select the few comprehensive MAT prep books that will help you in the preparation for MAT exam. Go online and can compare book features at any major online bookstore and also get the books from college or local library and start preparing for the exam.

3.Practice tests – Buy a MAT practice test books that include 4 or 5 such tests. If possible then finish at least one practice test paper otherwise can finish each day with practice in either vocab, Math or Science. You can select your weak subject and improve by the practice paper and make sure that at least have to give seven to eight hours in a day. You can go online and check the sample practice test paper for the MAT.

4.Improve your vocabulary – If you are good in other subject but your knowledge is weak in Vocab, you should improve. And for that, you can select suitable vocabulary-building books or software to improve your knowledge.

5. Review your knowledge - A few weeks can be enough time to review your knowledge in four academic areas covered by the MAT. A good comprehensive MAT prep book will include extensive lists of key terms from these four areas. If you are thinking that you have missed something, review and if have time then prepare for that topic otherwise leave that. Though these lists are unlikely to cover each and every term you'll encounter on exam day.

6. Now the time for relaxing - Before the last date of exam, don’t take too much burden on you and don’t get hyper for the preparation. Just take a long breath and relax and try to take it easy on your last day. Only focus on your test strategies and reviewing your incorrectly answered questions. Take a full eight hours of sleep the night before the test. Don’t try to learn any more information because it will be not beneficial. Don’t think too much about previous days before the exam, take good rest, don’t get nervous and go for the exam with joy and positive and also with the information, how much you collected in your mind.

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