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Is your course employable

University degree comes for a significant cost both in therms of time and money. Its a costly affair. You need to chose course wisely. Do not take a course because your neighborhood friend is going for it. Do your home work before writing college application. Here are important points to consider when chosing a course / college / university

Whether university offers right curriculum for you?
What is its reputation in terms of students satisfaction and care?
What is success rate? How many students of courses in question from the said university find job in the past?
Is university has sufficient facilities to deliver a course?
What is research participation of the university in your area of interest?
What kind of teaching facilities are offered; classroom, teacher/student ratio, library, laboratory etc.
Is there space for extra-curricular activities, for example, sports facilities, student societies etc.
Whether the university is based on campus or based out of city, transportation cost etc.
Course fees, living cost and other expenses in the location where institution is based in.
Recognition of  university, whether course in question is recognized and accepted by the industry for job.



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