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Online Education versus Blackboard

Education is not important but compulsory. It helps a person to grow stronger more opinionated and to know the difference between right and wrong. Earlier people use to follow traditional ways of education which was going to school/ college daily, study there and come back home. But with the passage of time, education sector has witnessed a lot of advancement. Extracurricular activities were included for the all round development of an individual, sports activities were also introduced for the physical fitness of the students and now online education system has been introduced from past few years. Individuals who can’t attend regular lectures due to any reason can rely on online education system.
We are living in a technological era, where everything revolves around technology.  Internet these days is like one among the basic necessary things in our life. But is the technological influence over the education system should be accepted? Which education system is better? Whether should we consider online education over blackboard education? Here is an analysis.

Online Education

  1. Time flexibility is there.
  2. No travelling time is required as you can study from wherever you want.
  3. No fixed fee has to be paid. Its cost efficient.
  4. Online education has almost no scope for extracurricular activities.
  5. Access to professors and discussion groups is easy at the time of need.
  6. No particular routine has to be followed. You can access classes 24x7.
  7. This education system allows you to work along with studies.
  8. Individual studies alone according to his/ her convenience.
  9. You have to manage everything by yourself.
  10. Online education has no limitation. One can study even on Sundays or during any natural hazard.
  11. Mechanical lab classes are not conducted but you may have to 3-D simulations.

Blackboard Education
  1. You have to attend classes at a fixed time.
  2. You have to travel to your school or college campus to attend classes.
  3. You have to submit a fixed fee to your educational institute.
  4. A student can indulge him/herself in extracurricular activities apart from studies which are necessary for all round development of an individual.
  5. You can contact your professors in person but access is limited.
  6. A student becomes more disciplined as he/ she has to follow a certain routine every day.
  7. In this education system you have to spend fixed hours at your educational institute hence you cannot work along with studies if you want.
  8. An individual becomes more social and learns how to behave and work in a team as he deals with fellow classmates.
  9. You can take help of your fellow classmates if you face any issues in your studies.
  10. On weekends or during natural hazards, educational institutes are closed.
  11. Learning is easier if a student is practically present during experiments and mechanical lab classes.
We can’t choose one over the other. Both types of education systems have their own pros and cons. Both education systems are offering different facilities for different type of learners. Whether you choose blackboard education system or the online one, most important part is to get educated. An educated individual is more social, sensible and responsible towards his actions and society. If you will ask me I will go for Online Education as I am massive supporter of open online education.

Over to you.

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