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Best Books for CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Preparation

The verbal ability and reading comprehension constitute almost 34 questions in the CAT exam. While the verbal questions are one of most scoring questions and are less time-taking, the RC questions are tricky and take a bit of time.

To be able to properly attempt the VA & RC questions in the exam, proper preparation is very crucial. The scoring in this section of CAT exam relies mainly upon:
  1. Capacity to fathom and hold content
  2. Analyzing subtle elements and understanding the tone
  3. Good reading speed
Before starting the preparation, it is important to check CAT syllabus and mark the important topics. Then focus on those important topics and be confident in them. To help the CAT aspirants prepare for the VARC section more effectively, some important books are mentioned below.

Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay’s book on Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

This book was distributed in the year 2011. This book gives every one of the understudies quality content that empowers them to plan well for the exam. The book gives a nitty gritty and quality data about the course and has great content composed in it. The book is perfect for the planning for CAT's verbal area.

Composed by: Arun Sharma, Meenakshi Upadhyay

A Modern Approach To Verbal And Non-Verbal Reasoning

This book is distributed in 2012 and is an extraordinary one for the arrangement of verbal and the non-verbal parts of the examination of CAT. The principle highlight of this book is that it contains many practice papers and rich substance to enable the understudies and furthermore to move them. It can be thought as the authoritative manual for verbal capacity.

Composed by: R.S Aggarwal

Other best books for CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Verbal Ability Books: Reading

While there is no book for CAT Reading Comprehensions, there are unquestionably two books you can use to enhance your reading abilities:
  1. Step by step instructions to get more out of your perusing by Norman Lewis 
  2. The most effective method to peruse better and speedier by Norman Lewis

Verbal Ability Books: Vocabulary

For VA, you can utilize the following books:
  1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  2. A month and a half to expressions of energy by Wilfred Funk

Verbal Ability Books : Grammar

For Grammar, check the following books:
  1. Better English by Norman Lewis (a light read)
  2. Secondary School Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin (an exceptionally extreme read, requires a considerable measure persistence)
It should be noted that for vocabulary, consistent practice is important. So, learn some important words every day and know their usage. For students having a good foundation of the English language, preparing for VARC can be a lot easy. Check for CAT exam date and dedicate at least 3 months for VARC practice and revision. At that time try giving as many mock tests as possible.

It is also suggested to subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn some important verbal and RC tips to prepare for this section more effectively. Click on the YouTube link below to know how reading comprehension section can be attempted quickly and effectively.

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