National Institute of Teacher Education (NITE)

NITE 4 Year Integrated BA Ed BSc Ed Programme Opens

The National Institute of Teacher Education (NITE) is going to roll out 4 year undergraduate integrated program in education. For school leavers i.e. students completing Class 12 and interested in making a career in teaching, this is a good opportunity. At the end of program twin degrees will be awarded i.e. BA Ed or BSc Ed. So at the finish of college education students will not only a graduate degree but also a professional qualification. A committee formed by HRD Ministry has recommended NITE to start the Integrated BA Ed and BSc Ed programmes.
The NITE is also expected to play roll of advisor to National Council of Teacher Education and HRD Ministry on planning, research, funding, quality benchmarking and policy matters in teaher education.
Teaching, one of the oldest known profession in the world is almost ignored since centuries. Why???

Its very difficult to say in few words.

Teaching prepares you for multiple opportunities in life and career. You not only tech a subject
but also learn continuously. New learning opens up new vistas.

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