Shall I booze in New Year

That is individual decision. Different governments has different drinking ages. If you are reading this blog I suppose you are around 20 year old. Whether you should booze or not is your choice. I can't control you. I am nobody to preach you, but if you ask me personally I would say buy your 1st booze out of your fist pay check and tell your mother and fiancee too.
Alcohol in any format is injurious to health. Its known culprit to make you inhuman. But I am pretty sure if you tell your mom, wife or girlfriend that you want to try a drink, you will never go insane. As someone has well said 'child learns first lesson of nationalism between mom's kisses and dad's affection.'
If you do not booze, Excellent
If you want to try, its OK
If your parents knowing what are you up to, it's perfect.
Definition of sin was perhaps not created by God but any action that hurts other equal human for no reasons is a sin. Drinking and driving is a Sin and Drinking is bad for health.
Over to you!!!

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