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Why IITs has vacant seats

NDTV reported IITs has no takers for 100s of seats over the years . Why? What was the basis for mushrooming of new IITs? At this moment I remember lines from John Keats Where have we lost know ledge in information where have we lost wisdom in Information. A college is a platform to launch talent and not a platform to gather crowd. Take example of a Cinema hall. I never seen an average looking guy sitting next to me in first class. I never seen a very rich person sitting next to me in general class. Take example of a train I never met a very affluent person in general class or even sleeper class. Conversely,  never met an average in Chair Car. Take example of a village How many times you seen someone driving a Sedan Question is, the MHRD think tank do really wish and work for all people of the country or just for the selected few ones. The brand values are diluted when you sell it to all. Education is a serious business,  a degree in education takes time and money both.

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