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Check points before you join a college

College degree comes for a price. Its tough to get a seat and pretty tougher to get a suitable seat. After going through all examination and interview process if you do not get a suitable environment environment all efforts may go waste. Before you join a college check following
1. Faculty members: You cannot go and ask directly for obvious reasons. Use a two way sword to know how much potential your would be teacher has. Meet seniors, try to mingle up. Best way is to ask a problem; stuck general conversation. For example where is library or where is that abc department. If you fail once no worry again a completely new fellow. Best students who may guide about college and faculty are college seniors.
2. Hostel: If you are supposed to live in college hostel, before you take check it out. Do not book your seat blindly. Tell the booking clerk that you want to see. Or go around hostels and stuck a conversation. If you feel good then take it. Check how many people they should accommodate in one room and what are the facilities offered.
3. Library: Prefer for a college that offer you at least two libraries one departmental and other central. Library is the best place to study and propel in academics. Here again seniors may help you. Check if they have enough of latest books and periodicals.
4. Mess: Normally mess facilities do not offer very good food. Ask your seniors what they get. And if food is not good what are alternates. Check if there is clean drinking water in the campus.
5. Sports: Look what sporting facilities are offered. You are going to live over there for 4/5 years.
7. Events: Prefer to join a colleges that organize extracurricular activities and events etc. These are important for overall personality development.
8. Medical Facility: What if you or one of your room mate got sick? What they offer? If a doctor is not available inside campus what are alternates?
9. Shop: Though this is not very important you can go out and buy daily needs for entire week. But if daily need shops are inside campus you will save lot of time and hassle.
10. Commute: Walking down from one department to other take lots of energy. Check if inside campus transport is available. Or buy a cycle.
11. Who are noted alumni of college? What they doing?
12. Is placement / internship available? How many companies visited last year. What was placement success rate?
13. Where can I go for internship? Are there many companies available in the area?
14. A coed college is better than male or female only. After college you will be part of work force.

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