Admission at your own risk

This blog was is and never about politics. When I publish here who is education minister, what is color of Taj Mahal, when Babar ruled India or when first IIT was came into being my purpose is purely to educate and make people aware because in competitive exams students are asked such questions. I wonder why for a railway clerk exam we need to answer what is depth of sea instead of what is a broad gauge or narrow gauge line. But that is not the question and only question today.
Here I publish and like to publish with full respect notifications from all institutes, colleges, schools and universities from across India and may be world. Two reasons; for doing all this I get money from advertisers and other reason I love doing it. I tell students not only exams and results but also like to tell where you will live in a new city when going to study; will you get hostel and what price or how to cook noodles and what to eat when you have only 10 bucks in pocket end of the month. I do this for some companies also as writer and consultant. I get money to feed my stomach, pay my rent and internet bill.
When people in Jammu and Kashmir kept in an open jail, my mind think what about academics. How those students will able to complete course work. But tears rolls down my eyes when I see in Video what Farukh Abdullah said. When home minister in parliament speaks language of goons I get terrified and think now if that is language of home minister who should common man approach for help in law and order.
When Prime Minister say Jarsee Gaai indicating Sonia Gandhi I am forced to think how he would react towards other woman of the country. Is that not insult to every women.
When there are laws like Citizenship Bill, I am personally bothered about my moongfali wala uncle who feed me peanuts every winter, a devoted Muslim and a man who care me like his own Son. I think if uncle who used to come home for repair work has documents or not. If these people will be thrown out of country who I will call Chacha, Who be extend me blessings of Allah, from where I will get Mithi in the Eid.
Still I am silent, not in fear, i have nothing to loss but I am silent because I don't want to commit any silly mistakes. I don't know much about politics and I think its sufficient to like Kannan Gopinath Vids, Arfas News, Ravish prime time and similar things. More likes means it will get more popularity and government will listen voice of people. They are the right people to speak and I need support to them in my capacity while still publishing this blog.
My silence does not mean someone will eat me with water or without. No. I feel doing my job with honesty will do good for me, my friends, my people, my country and human race. Perhaps I am tinniest or the tinniest or the tinniest creatures to contribute but its ok to contribute in my capacity instead of breaking boundaries of unknown zone.
Water is flowing above nose but I am trying to breathe with hope people will save the constitution in between agreements and disagreements and I will be part of it. I need do my duties well. But my patience breaks the moment when goons in the dress of security, yes, I said that barge into the temple of humanity called Jamia Millia Islamia, abuse our girls, kicks our boys and do all shameless activities unacceptable to any human society.
Now I started making a sin knowingly by not speaking in support of justice. However, from that day my decision was firm to not give any document under any circumstances to NPR. Home Minister's statement, won't go an inch back' put a seal in the template of my thoughts. Who are you to decide against 1.3 billion Indians? How dare you can say that. Go nursery and learn to speak first.
Still I hold myself and decided to not to bark sitting behind screens when I am not on the roads walking with people and raising voice of dissent.
I am Anti-National since 2014, now I am illegal occupant because I don't know when my Grandpa was born and in which bank locker in the world he has kept his birth certificate.
Still I remained silent.................................. thinking when someone will come asking my document, I will not give.
How Dare, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, people sitting in government can send goons to bleed, abuse and make murderous attempt in JNU.
JNU is pride of nation, how dare you can touch our property, build by our forefathers which runs on public money. We send children to schools on our own expenses, who has given you rights even to touch our students, how dare you can do that?
Do you not realize the fact that your salaries are paid by us, called public. You should be, would be and must be public servant.
The Vice Chancellor of JNU, what you think, who you are? How you are not able to protect the campus? If you cannot for what you are sitting there? Isn't that shameless for whole human race?
Can anyone tell me here, if I conclude every post that I write here as part of notification/admission alert etc with a punchline
Admission at your own risk, our campuses are not responsible for your safety, forget education.
Note: Anyone from government who dislike my thoughts and this post and want to kill me, which is ultimate solution for anything this government maximum can think of please feel free to reach me through  info{AT}  directly. I will be happy to tell you where to come and finish me. 
Do not harm students they are precious, they will build the nation during you and even after. Period!!!!

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