7 Tips to stay prepared for entrance examinations during COVID-19 lockdown

Without revisions you will forget almost 18% of lessons. Keeping things in memory is pretty tough task if you not revise. But hold a minute, there are activities you can do to remember better and keep lessons near 100% in mind. How? By doing activities. Your question might be then how to do that benzene ring activity or Bernoulli's Theorem or may be photosynthesis. To help you here are some suggestions.
1. Pick your Pencil and Paper or slate and chalk: Write your lessons, whatever you have learnt towards entrance exam preparation, write down. Much stuff will go in permanent memory.
2. Record audio-Listen your voice: Kill two birds shooting one arrow. You will learn public speaking and most importantly, when you say it loud, it goes better in permanent memory.
3. Record video lessons: Out there you may have access to many video platforms. Open your phone or computer and record it. Now it’s time to say 2H2+O2 ------> 2H2O
4. Teach your friends online: Make your group, go live, Teach. Test. Award marks for right answers and penalize for wrong answers.
(I used to test my students weekly, one mark for each right answer and may be -2/-5 marks for wrong answer and report shown to parents, better a student much harsh I was in awarding marks. And many to whom I taught secured top 10 position in class).
5. Get tired: I don't know if this thing will work for me, but for me it works often. When I feel like out of ideas I go for long long walk till my mind say, no I can't take more, I catch better sleep and next I get better ideas. You can't go out in COVID-19 lockdown, why not some rope jumping or sit-ups.
6. Design your question paper: Books, online material and many things you already have. Design your question paper and practice. You can ask to a friend too.
7. Eat right: What cookies do to our computer same happen to our brain when we eat mindlessly. Eat in limits and leave space for water in your tummy. Because you are indoors not mean to eat in plenty not good for health not for exams.

If I was in your place waiting for next exam dates I may have done all those things to stay connected with lessons. Thoughts are my own.

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