Why New Zealand is preferred study abroad destination post COVID-19

Success stories are many, you can read any from news and grin or smile, but there is a reason for big grin.
The outbreak of COVID-19 put world under tremendous pressure. Many of us started best hygiene practices as soon as we got to know there is something, and that something termed as coronavirus by health experts. Not of a medical background kid I simply followed WHO guidelines.
Coronavirus touched many nationalities which is unfortunate and heartbreaking. In those moments I recall the words from Sir APJ Abdul Kalam, who said, 'rebuilding is beautiful....'
The big question, coronavirus left on day one is who will rebuild, who will be architect, and a named poped up "Jacina Ardern-The Prime Minister of New Zealand". I am surprised to learn that during Corona outbreak in NZ she treated all people staying in New Zealand as Citizen, no one was treated as migrant, outsider or something like that.
In the very begining I realized Jacina Ardern will be the winner, and today New Zealand is declared Coronavirus free country. It's big, and Prime Minister deserves full respect.
She has shown us that man can do it. Once world has seen the victory of man when man landed on moon (Neil Armstrong), about which 'we' read and today we can see it, UNBELIEVABLE, and true.
Today if you ask me which country should I apply for study abroad, certainly I will say, NZ is one and then would follow more.
Study Abroad decision need many questions to be asked. But if you ask which country would be safe travel for study abroad post Covid-19, certainly my first answer would be New Zealand.

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