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Do you have a career question? What to know how become a rocket scientist or best UX designer in the world? Do you want to go to Harvard or Oxford and looking for scholarships? Or, are you just curious and want to know a thing or two? Well, whoever you are, from where you do belong on earth and what you doing or willing to do, I am committed to help curious minds who have a question. There are many ways to ask a question to me:

1. Ask a Question through comment box below.
2. Submit Contact Form enclosed in this page.

How do I answer user questions?

Possibilities are limitless. I am no jack of all trade. I answer question based on my experiences. When I do not know a thing, I search through across internet and libraries and try my best to put best suggestion forward. The sole aim is is to help students and build a better tomorrow.

I know, there are many students who struggle in finding right education, scholarship and internship opportunities or job. My services are free I do not a charge a penny for answering questions. Yes, just in case if someone for example an educational institute is willing to buy my time then I request for money, as you can understand I need money to for survival.

When you ask a question to me, you give me rights to publish your question along with answer to this blog. I do not publish your personal information or email etc and do not store your data in any format with me. Once your question is answered I completely forget you.

On this website I run advertisements Google Adsense and couple other. When I publish a piece of information, I get few pennies for every website visitor from advertisers, that's how I survive.

I know what are you thinking? Is my earnings are sufficient enough from this blog? Answer is part yes, part no, and to make both ends meet:

I help businesses in Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Broadcast. I sell my time to entrepreneurs, both the biggies and the startups. Mainly I write around Career and Technology but not limited to. Also I write copy for other niches like travel. To know more about my work you can go to

Thank you for reading. If you have a career question please feel free to give me a shout out.

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