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English Language as a study discipline

English Language has its origin in Anglo-Saxon dialect. Originated in Anglo-Saxon England, it’s also called Western Germanic Language. It is evident that Germanic settlers and Roman Auxiliary troops bring English to the Britain from different geographies, which are now known as North – West Germany and Northern Netherlands. English is first language for huge masses in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Anglophone Caribbean.

Visual Arts as a subject

Any sort of Work visual in nature, for example, photography, drawing, painting, filmmaking etc lies within the domain of Visual Arts. The arts that include three-dimensional objects like textile arts, performing arts, language arts etc comes under plastic arts category.

Sociology as a study discipline

Sociology is the study and categorization of human societies. In Sociology we learn about the social life, social changes, social roots and consequences of human behavior. People who study sociology are called sociologist. They reasoned about the make up of human groups, organizations and societies and the way people communicate in these circumstances. As we know social aspects make human behavior, the study of sociology varies from the close family to the huge masses, from planned crime to spiritual sects, from the distributions of race, gender and social groups to the shared faith of ordinary civilization, and from sociology of work to the sociology of sports.

Sculpture as a study discipline

The artwork produced using three-dimensional objects by shaping or combining hard or plastic material, sound, or text or light is known as Sculpture. Sometimes sculptures are made directly by carving or finding other times assembled, built up and fired, cast, molded or welded. Persons who make sculptures are called sculptor. Sculpture is supposed as plastic art as it can be molded or modulated. The majority of public art is considered as sculpture. Sometimes sculpture is classified on the basis of place where it is placed, like many sculptures placed in a garden can be said as Garden Sculpture.

Religion as a study discipline

The belief in Powers that control human fate is called Religion. In general terms we can say Religion is the human pursuit for understanding the sacred or holy. Religion, which is completely a human activity, can be expressed in thought (logical term), in action (realistic term) and in fellowship (shared term).  The multifaceted religious lexis including stories, myths, literature, histories, rituals, doctrines, ethical values, literature, poetry, and institutional developments of many traditions both from past and present encompasses the subject matter for the formal study of religion.

Psychology as a study discipline

Psychology is the science of mind, brain and behavior. In other words we can say Psychology is the science of mental life. Psychology is an academic as well as applied discipline. The study of psychology involves systematic study of mental functions and behavior. People who study Psychology are called Psychologists. Research in Psychology strives to understand and explain thought, emotion and behavior.

Political Science as a study discipline

Political Science deals with the theory and practice of politics and the explanation and investigation of political system and political behavior. Political science has many sub fields of study like political theory, political philosophy, political ideology, political economy, policy studies and analysis, comparative politics, international relations, and many other fields.

Philosophy as a study discipline

The question, what is philosophy is difficult to answer. Even philosophers (the people who study philosophy) not agree upon a single answer or view. However, philosopher agrees on, the word Philosophy is originated from Greek, which means “Love of Wisdom”, and so do we.  Philosophy is defined by a goal and a method. Unlike other fields of study where a particular subject is studied about particular things philosophy questions the credentials, the authority of how it all fits together. Philosophy is a bridge between body and mind; it’s for curious minds those who want to establish interrelations between two odd areas of study. 

Performing Arts as a study discipline

The various forms of arts, viz; dance, drama, music, etc, plays on stage in front of audience, are called performing arts. In performing arts, people use own body to present some sense in front of the audience. Performing arts comprise the dance, music, opera, theater, and circus etc. The people who perform these arts are called Artists or Performers. Professionals like actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, and singers come under the profession of performing arts and in broader terms called Artists. Professionals in the related field like songwriter, and stagecraft etc supports the performing arts. Performers repeatedly adjust their appearance, for instance with costumes and stage makeup, etc.

Painting as a study discipline

Painting as traditional art form has existed among us since centuries. When man was a cave animal there were paintings of Lascaux and now when man lives in multistoried buildings paintings of Da Vinci makes their presence in dining hall, auditoriums and art galleries. In fact painting is the earliest known art form. In the ancient past there were born painters who learnt the art of painting on their own, now with the development in human societies painting schools are formed to teach budding painters. Schools and colleges also provide classes in painting. Education in painting is available on both full time and part time basis. Mural painting and fresco find place in classical societies.