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Safety Tips While Staying Abroad

You are precious than anything else in this world. Inevitable may happen to anyone but by taking small precautions you can do away with those or minimizes the chances of unwanted events. I stay away from my family in India, I live on rent, when moving to a new location first thing I check for if place is safe for a local expat like me or not. This is habit. I am taught since childhood that way. If you belongs to my league, good; if not then perhaps this article will be of help to you. Here we go!!!

Why MBA from UK is worth doing

Are you looking to join an MBA school abroad? Then MBA from one of the UK’s business schools is worth having. There are many benefits that you get while studying MBA in UK. I did the round of many internet databases to extract best possible information that can help you in your MBA pursuit.

Linux Anniversary Offer! Linux elearning courses for only $399

Recently Linux Foundation has celebrated 25th anniversary of Linux. To mark the occasion Linux Foundation is offering all elearning courses for very cheap price of $399 Only. Offer will close on 6 September. Linux Foundation Training Division Offer following 4 courses through elearning and provides certification.

How to write impressive Statement of Purpose (SoP)

Statement of Purpose (SoP) or Application Essay is most important is the most important part of your application. Admission Officer wants to know why you want to study in one such institution. Do not lie, if you will, admission officer will know and trashcan is always kept next to work desk. A good application essay can open the gates of a foreign school to you.

Self Help Safety Guide For Students Flying Abroad

Is this place safe enough? This question I often ask to myself when get into a new location even if it’s the next lane where I was never gone before. No I am not extra cautious but this habit is incarcerated since early days.

Contrary to popular belief that all foreign countries are rich and all people living there are good, there also found anti social elements. There also happen events like theft, robbery and eve teasing. Sick minded people are never confined to a certain geography but spread all over the on earth. Oftentimes, it’s we and our carelessness due to which untoward incidents happens.

5 Must To Do Things When Accepted For A Study Abroad Program

Are you accepted in a foreign university / college? Well, journey begins now. It’s time to leave the home, go and explore your world. Your admission date is nearing. You need to report to your college on time, within due date and complete al formalities before university closes admission window. If you are that lucky someone who is accepted in foreign institution, here are 5 must dos before your flying date arrive.

How to select right college / university for study abroad

Looking for study abroad? Choices are innumerable. Every university / college is distinct in its own sense. Some has good labs, other has good library. Some are known for boxing champs and scuba. Studying abroad is a costly investment. Before you get that ticket and set in a abroad campus for couple of years here are some tips to chose college / university. Remember, right selection of institution makes decisive role in your future and career.

10 Advantages of Study Abroad

Because experience make you a better teacher!

Study abroad does not give you societal and academic benefits but also offers many advantages. It’s an investment that you for life and dividends are truly rich. Flying to a foreign land, learning from new culture and the courses are delivered in a foreign settings is all going to give you a career boost. Perhaps many you will serve to corporate world, some will start own business. When you have a degree from a foreign institution you have an edge over your peers. Here are 10 Advantages of Studying Abroad.

Final Result UPSC Civil Services Examination 2015

The Civil Services Examination 2015 Result declared now. It is noteworthy that Civil Services is one of the top most Under Graduate level examination in the country based on which candidates are appointed by the President of India to work with different government offices. The prestige that passing this examination brings in a candidate's life is enormous.

Manage The Mighty Money

College Startups is not a new thing. In India trend is catching very fast. Some start an startup as passion, some as compulsion. Startups and Students are like the two face of same coin. Acquiring education is costly investment. You need  scholarship, loan and part time job to get that lucrative degree that can make you CEO of your future startup. Everyone is not lucky as Mark Zuckerberg as seems for now. But frankly speaking how much grass was greener for Facebook Founder during Harvard days, only he knows the real facts. In short, what we know about facebook is Mark Zuckberg wrote few lines of codes and made a software program to interact with pals and its now called Facebook.