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8 things to consider when chosing university in the UK

Are you planning to study in the United Kingdom (UK)? You have enough resources to fund your degree then too you need consider these 10 things before making a final decision
1. Course Requirement
The entry requirements for a course may vary between institutions. Also coursework may differ. Assessment criteria also varies. Different institutions in United Kingdom have different parameters to measure your academic success.

Must have Android Apps for IELTS preparation

Preparation for admission test and especially when you planning to study abroad is really tough task. Oftentimes I hear stories in magazines like ‘I studied 14 hours a day to pass the test, I studied 9 hours a day to pass the test and so on so forth. I don’t know whether such stories are true or false. I never studied 15 hours, to me it seems unbelievable. To me preparation means adoption of curriculum round the clock whereever you go. There is exam in your mind and you are trying to learn every moment, that is the meaning of exam in my view.

How to find internship with Paytm

If Paytm is coming your college for interns selection, well and good. If not then too you can apply for internship with Paytm. Here are couple of ways to know about hiring in Paytm

Top 20 Institutions in 2018 for Non European Union Students in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) accepts students from all over the world in Universities, Colleges and other institutions. The admission criteria is tough, the Institutions in UK look for candidates those can make a difference to the institute itself, people of UK and the world. You need to competent enough not only in academics but in other life skills as well. Admission officer sees for many traits in you before offering admission letter. Here are Top 25 Institutions in 2018 for Non European Union Students in the UK. Yes, there is no shortage of academic institutions, you can join any, and this is an indicative list. Here we go

All Voices gives voice to workplace victims

Sexual harassment / asking favor for continuing job or promotion is more than common in workplaces across world. According to studies 71% sexual harassment cases in workplace go unreported. Oftentimes victim do not gain enough courage to report, it could due to fear of job loss, not supportive family members or social taboo attached with such conditions.

How IELTS Exam looks like

Planning to write IELTS Exam; great, the IELTS is your first entry point to study in an UK / English speaking country. You must be curious to know how IELTS looks like. Here is an overview

Job search made easy with Google now

Google is planning to tap the untapped market,  I.e. Job search.  Linkedin,  to be true focus on head hunting.  It cares much for employers and marketers than candidates.  However, Google is going to take one step forward and it's a great leap.

Education in Ireland Information Session Open in India

Want  to study Ireland? Definitely, you may have many question regarding, courses, colleges, universities, jobs, internships, expenses, culture etc. The education in Ireland Fair open now, and get the opportunity to meet education reps from colleges and universities in Ireland. Following are schedules dates near you

British Council India opens Study UK Information Session

Looking to study the United Kingdom? Its dream for many to fly to UK, get international degree, acquire permit. We need information, in fact precise information (which must not be misleading). However, if you are starving for study UK information and looking for reliable Study Abroad gurus, here is a chance to learn from study in UK experts.

IELTS - International English Language Testing System

IELTS - International English Language Testing System is jointly administered by  the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment. The test score is used to define English proficiency of non-native speakers in English settings.