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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

International Boundaries

Here is a collection of some important international border line names between some countries. Visitors are requested to comment on the collection and share some information with us to enlarge the table.

Name Of The Borderline Between Countries

  • Durand Line  >  Between Pakistan & Afghanistan
  • Hindenberg Line  >  Between Germany & Poland
  • 49th Parallel  >  Between USA & Canada
  • Mac Mohan Line  >  Between India & Tibet/China
  • Maginot Line  >  Between France & Germany
  • 38th Parallel  >  Between North & South Korea
  • Oder Neisse Line  >  Between Germany & Poland
  • Radecliffe Line  >  Between India & Pakistan
  • 17th Parallel  >  Between India & Pakistan (As claimed by Pakistan)
  • 24th Parallel >   Between India & Mayanmar