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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

List of National Birds of Some Prime Countries

•    Angola- National Peregrine Falcon
•    Austria- Barn Swallow
•    Bahamas- West Indian Flamingo
•    Bahrain- White-cheeked Bulbul

•    Bangladesh- Oriental Magpie Robin
•    Belgium- Common Kestrel
•    Bhutan- Common Raven
•    China- Red-crowned Crane
•    Denmark- Mute Swan
•    Finland- Whooper Swan
•    France- Gallic Rooster
•    Iceland- Gyrfalcon
•    Japan- Green Pheasant
•    Mauritius- Dodo
•    Mexico- Crested Caracara & Golden Eagle
•    Myanmar- Grey Peacock-pheasant
•    Nepal- Himalayan Monal
•    New Zealand- Kiwi
•    Nigeria- Black Crowned-Crane
•    Norway-  White-throated Dipper
•    Pakistan- Chukar Partridge
•    Panama- Harpy Eagle
•    Papua New Guinea- Raggiana Bird of Paradise
•    Paraguay- Bare-throated Bellbird
•    South Africa- Blue Crane
•    Sri Lanka-  Sri Lanka Junglefowl
•    Sweden- Common blackbird
•    Thailand- Siamese Fireback pheasant
•    Turkey- Redwing
•    United Kingdom- European Robin
•    United States- Bald Eagle
•    Venezuela- Troupial
•    Zambia- African Fish Eagle
•    Zimbabwe- African Fish Eagle