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Friday, December 22, 2017

Cengage to offer online unlimited digital study material for less than $120 per year

The students planning to study in United State in 2018 have a reason to rejoice here. Now education will be available for less cost. No, I am not talking about tuition fees, but its spending on books. According to Financial Times report Cengage Learning is going to launch subscription based model of Digital Library next year. The students can buy full digital subscription of books for $119.99 only.

It is to be noted that cost of education is pretty high in US colleges. Institutes charge quite heavy tuition fees. Many students often ends up compromising with old books or not buying at all but counts on college library or borrow books from friends.

The average cost of spending on books for a US college course per year is above $500. However, now with subscription based model students shall have easy access of study material for much lower price.

Thank You Cengage Learning

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