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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Indian Council Act 1909 or Morley – Minto Reforms

  • Morley was the Secretary of State, while Minto was the Indian Viceroy.
  • Legislative Councils, both at the Centre and in the Provinces, were expanded.
  • With regard to Central Government, an Indian member was taken in the Executive Council of the Governor General.
  • The size of the Provincial Legislative Councils was enlarged by including elected Non – Official members so that the official majority was gone. Their functions were also increased.
  • Now, they could move resolutions on Budget and on some matters of public matters.
  • An element of election was also introduced in the Central Legislative Council, but the official majority was maintained.
  • The most notable and retrograde change introduced was that Muslims were given separate representation.
  • Thus, communal representation was introduced.