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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

PGDM institutions can deduct Rs 1000 only in case of withdrawal

Securing admission in a business school is tough and getting preferred choices is pretty tougher. Often admission deadline to different institutes clashes with each other. Students looking for admission into PGDM courses often get confused about where to study and what courses. There arise lots of confusion during admission dates. If you want to secure a seat you need to report to institution within prescribed time limit. The student also have choice to leave a course before classes begins.
But problem arises when an student truly go for admission withdrawal. There are allegations since years that PGDM institutes deny return of fees.

A correction here- Normally admission officer want to convince and retain his / her studentship because this is part of job. Institutes run from students. But candidate often look for hand in hand return. Since fees is hefty so often parents feel like they will loss money and arguments happen.

There are exceptions also. My words may be partially true but this is the main cause of all allegations.

However, now All India Council for Technical Education AICTE has made the task easy. If student apply from admission withdrawal, the PGDM institute can only deduct Rs 1000/- as part of processing fee and refund the remaining amount.

To me decision looks in favor of both and in best interests of candidates.