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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Mountbatten Plan

Lord Mountbatten worked out a detailed plan for the transfer of power to the Indian people. The salient features of the Mountbatten plan were as follows-

  • Muslim-dominated areas may be separated to form a Dominion In that case such domination would be constituted by a partition of Bengal and the Punjab.
  • A referendum in North-West Frontier Province would decide whether it should join Pakistan or not.
  • Similarly the people of Sylhet, in Assam, were also to give their verdict in a referendum whether they were willing to join the Muslim area in Bengal.
  • A Boundary Commission was to define the boundaries of the Hindu and Muslim Provinces in the Punjab and Bengal.
  • The British Parliament was to legislate an Act for the immediate transfer of Power.
  • The representatives of the Muslim-dominated areas could form a separate Constitution-making body or Constituent Assembly.