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This is admin from; deeply saddened by incidents happening around, eve teasing and alike, just came across a news in Times of India, with story line 2 ex army jawan raped a young girl in Kota who was  on bike ride with a friend. Feeling sorry for victims.

I am not doing any moral policing here, this website is only for information on education topics, probably i am taking my frustrations out, meanwhile, my majority readers are young and progressing on their career path and few percentage of them are parents and educators.

Just a gentle advice to our readers, when you are away from parents, do not roam around alone or in small groups, when going out, do not go in deserted places, and when going out go in bigger groups, avoid late nights, so even a devil's shadow may not fall you.

Going out in cool breeze is cool, its refreshing, even i used to do that a lot; but in present circumstances i gave up my habits. What to do when there is always fear of getting robbed, getting harassed or worse. I am male, till date social equations were males can roam much freely than females; but these equations are changing now. In past 5 years, at least 3 times i was in mist of troubles during walk and now i am bit careful when going out.

This is just a friendly advice to my readers of either gender, be careful, do not talk to strangers, avoid isolated places or late night movie shows, have fun at home, you can watch a late night movie on DVD, its cool watching a moving on Sundays at home comfort. I enjoy my movies at home :P You also can.

Personally, i feel educational institutes need to issue advisory to students around safety measures in a city or town. May be this will help up to some extent. This i am saying in similar ways as foreign governments like US, UK etc issue guidelines for their people visiting abroad. Better safe than sorry, old saying.

Wishing you best for life. God Bless!

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