How to prepare week before NEET-UG 2013?

05.05.2013 is the Date of NEET-UG 2013 Entrance Examination. The merit in entrance test will decide which college you would join in coming academic session towards MBBS / BDS Studies. It is obvious that merit in NEET – UG 2013 will place you in some of the Top Medical College in India. MBBS / BDS both are professional qualifications and hence considered as a secure courses towards life long living. Medical professionals are well respected every where, an added benefit.

It’s almost one week from today when you will be writing the test. The question is how to prepare for writing NEET – UG 2013 entrance examination in next 10 days.

Let’s Consider,

you are prepared well, no topics left, your basics are clear.

So this is revision time, how much revision is enough? Can you revise whole NEET UG Syllabus? Obvious answer is NO.

Considering above case, revise your class notes (Notes of important points – formulae, definitions, rules, reactions, naming systems and similar) that you have prepared for NEET UG preparation.

Take couple of mock test.

Download AIPMT Previous Question papers and practice these under examination conditions. (NEET UG replaced erstwhile AIPMT this year)

Some Important Download Links given here-

AIPMT 2011 Question Paper Solution
CBSE PMT Pre 2010 Paper Solution
AIPMT 2011 Question Paper Solution
AIPMT 2007 Question Paper Solution
The AIPMT 2012 Preliminary Exam Question Paper and Solution Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Do not study new topics, especially if any topic is untouched during whole NEET preparation.

Seek your mentors help and clear your doubts if you have any.

Relax, revise and stay cool.

Important: NEET UG 2013 in Karnataka will be held on 18.05.2013 due to state assembly elections.

Have a query around NEET 2013, ask here using comment box below, i will try my best to answer you.

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