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Want to become a computer programmer?

Being programmer is great, being web architect is greater, being CEO of an IT Company is remarkable, right? So wanna be a programmer no incorrect Computer Programmer, you need to be good in Logic, you need to be good in Mathematics, you need to be detail oriented, then you will learn a language like &nbssp, , .css,
, .jss, et.all, all strange for an English graduate at least. However, what should be first step to become a computer programmer? Find the answer here

India Government Scholarships for Schedule Castes (SCs) and Other Backward Classes (OBCs)

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment - Government of India announces Scholarship Schemes for the students of Schedule Caste and Other Backward Class

Scholarship Scheme for SCsStudents in Class IX & X from 1st July, 2012a)Eligibility: Annual parental Income should not exceed Rs 2 Lac per annum
b)Entitlement under the scheme: Monthly scholarship and annual books and ad-hoc grant

Scheme for Post-Matric Scholarshipa) Eligibility: Annual parental Income should not exceed Rs 2 Lac per annum
c)Entitlement under the scheme: Scholarship includes monthly maintenance allowance, study tour charges (one time), Thesis Typing / Printing Charges (One Time), Book Grant for Correspondence course (one time) and allowance for students with disabilities.

Pre-matric scholarship for children of those engaged in ‘unclean’ occupationEntitlement under scheme:
a)Monthly Scholarship
b)Annual ad-hoc grant

Central Sector Scholarship scheme of Top Class Education for SC students Eligibility: Full tuition fee and …