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How to prepare for Civil Services Preliminary Test 2015?

Civil Services Preliminary Test OR CSP TEST is Screening Test to determine whether you can write Civil Services Main Examination. The test is open to all college graduates who obtain a degree qualification approved from University Grants Commission (UGC) of India.

The First Step towards preparation for any examination is:

Know the syllabus. Find CSP Test Syllabus, Click Here.


Now you know around which topics questions shall be asked in CSP Test.

Know typical questions. Find here Old CSP Test Question Papers.

Now you have a glimpse of Civil Services Preliminary Examination typical Test.

Experts say, questions asked in Civil Services Examination are of High School Standard.

Civil Services Preliminary Test is competitive examination. Levels of questions asked are high. Lakhs of students appear for CSP Test to qualify for Civil Services Main Examination. You have to show your skills and prove that you know better than your peers.

Be Regular; regularity pays the dividend. Study during same hour that suits you but everyday. Make it a ritual. You can not dare to bunk an strict professor's class.

CSP Test is two paper examination. Give equal time for preparation to both papers. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) sets some parameters called Cut Off Marks. You have to achieve minimum cut of marks (understand percentile score) to get considered for next level examination.

Achieving minimum Cut Off Marks in CSP Test Paper does not guarantee you a seat in Civil Services Main Examination. You have to stand decent score too.

How to be a decent scorer in CSP Test?

Irrespective of your education background, start planning in advance. At least one year prior to actual CSP Test.

Go through all text books, starting from Class 6th to 10th. Then Class 11th and 12th in related subjects. This is very important step to clear the basics. For this purpose you can buy NCERT Test Books.

Second step is to have a grasp in typical questions. Buy CSP Test guides. Market is full of authors and publishers. India being large geography, different authors are famous in different zone. You can find some as feasible.

Buy CSP Test Books Online

CSP Test is competitive examination. Level of questions asked are high but such that a high school student can answer them.

Find a mentor. There are many coaching institute across India. Coaching is organized industry now. You can find some best CSP Test mentors there. If you don't want to join a coaching institute for all topics, find a good mentor in particular subject. For example, Logical Reasoning. Also check online resources, there are many. I am not putting any recommendations here, as I don't have gone through their classes. By word and mouth I have heard TotalGadha.Com is Good for Reasoning Preparation, so on and so forth. But only insider can tell you real story or self experience.

Can't afford a coaching? Don't need to loss hope. There are many other like you who are successful civil servant without a coaching. In fact, there are many who never took a coaching for any class.

Be your own coach. Discipline brings laurels, remember. Be organized, study regularly.

Practice Sample Tests under examination conditions. Check online resources. Here are Previous Years' CSP Test Question Papers and Answers. Download, take mock test under test like conditions.

Design Topic Wise Test Questions from the study material you have. Keep doing so on periodical basis. Practice brings perfection. Ask a friend to design a CSP Test Sample Paper for you.

Make your own group. Design sample papers for each other that will help. If you don't have friends, design your own paper.

Don't expect, CSP Test Questions same as in study materials. Examiner can always ask a question other way round.

Revisions are important. What you study today, may forget a months later. Set days of the week for revisions. For example Monday and Tuesday for Paper I. Wednesday and Thursday for Paper II. Friday for revision Paper I. Saturday for revision paper II. Try out your techniques. But I hope this will help.

Routines breaks are not catastrophe. If you break promise during a certain weak because guests, don't curse. Go on disciplined track again.

Sundays are for Football Match or a long walk, listening music, going shopping or just cleaning your backyard. Some rest during the week is vital. This will energies you to take up responsibility for new week.

Stick to schedule. Finish all your preparation well before 2 months prior to real exam. Plan so that you can do at least two revisions one month before writing real CSP Test Papers.

One month before exam, take as many mock tests as you can. Keep revising what you have studied and keep taking mock tests. You can set for mock test every alternate day of week one month prior to actual test.

CSP Test is competitive examination. Taking mock test bring a certain kind of confidence. Evaluations of mock test papers points your weak zone on which you can focus or take the help of a mentor.

Finish all your preparation 2/3 days before actual CSP Test. Close the books. Do not study at all. What you have not studied in a year can not do in 2 / 3 more days. Relax, keep calm, prepare yourself for the exam day.

I am neither a civil servant nor a topper, but I was good in academics. Life has many colors. Today I write this career blog and work around Read Write Web. Tips here are not the master techniques but may be helpful to CSP Test Takers and other test takers in general.

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