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10 Part Time Jobs for College Students

Are you living away from home? Paying for tuition, mess, hostel, travel and entertainment is really tough? With little efforts you can make it all easy. Start working part time. For 3 to 5 work hours per day you can earn a decent amount, live healthy financial life and cut your guardians' worries. You are not alone struggling, there are many like you. Doing part time job is the answer if financial worries are cutting on your grades.

Life begins at college. This is the stage when many student moves from village (or family home) to a big town or city for under graduate studies. There are many homes where only one of the parent is working and carry responsibilities of 5/6 people including your hostel and mess expenses. If you are the one looking for a part time job, here are 5 suggestions for you!

#1. Become a Tutor: Irrespective of town or city, you are based in, schools are everywhere. Learned parents can't contribute time for kids to help in homework as in many cases both husband and wife works. Those who belongs to less affluent families are either less educated or non at all to teach kids. Kids need help in home work. Ask in your vicinity, you will find many. Charge reasonably. If you are good in school level subjects, one satisfied student will bring many others your way. You income will increase. Also, guardians will be of great help in bringing more students.This is one simplest way of finding kids to teach. You also can check with Free Ad websites Like Olx etc.
#2. Find job of a waiter / waitress: Irrespective of city you are staying, cafes and eateries are everywhere. For this kind of job, check with local newspaper, and Free Ad websites. You can grab one. Serve guests with smile. They will say Thank You! Also, if you have the guts, you will win many referrals and friends. If you land a job, do not look for Tip from guests. And when one lend you few bucks, keep it aside for some constructive purpose. Save to buy a new book or donate to charity.

#3. Find Job of an Internet Cafe Administrator: Cyber cafes are mushrooming everywhere. If you know little bit of computers, it will come as blessings. For a cyber cafe job, you need only basic computer operation skills. Knowledge of typing will be an extra advantage. Make your resume, reach to Cyber Cafe owners in your area. Perhaps you may find one looking for a help. Checking part job vacancies is another option in newspapers and free classified ads.

#4. Become a Typist: Don't have a computer? Buy one. Purchase some typing software CD from market place and learn typing. You can get decent amount of Part Time Typing Work from publication houses and website owners. Look for Job Classifieds in City Newspaper and Job Websites.

#5. Become a Proofreader: Many college professors and lecturers are authors. Reach to you favorite teacher. Find in your college. Librarian is the best person to tell you exactly, who all are in the trade. Also many writes, research papers, dissertations and thesis. Meet your college teachers and tell them you can help in proofreading for little sum. This is the wonderful opportunity to learn those minute things never coming out in classrooms.

#6. Become a Home Chef: Do you know cooking? Earn money out of it. In many families, all adult work full time job. This left very little time in hand to cook for dinner. You can exploit this opportunity. Fill those hungry stomachs with yummy foods, get free thank you and pay package is obvious.

#7. Work as Accounting Clerk: Busy shop owners need people good in numerals for doing profit/loss calculations. You can work with 2/3 shops every week, as in many cases you will need to work 2/3 hours a week only.

#8. Become A Car Washer or Gardner: Many homes have small gardens, but watering plants on time is just difficult. Ask in and around, you can find a job. People will be happy to pay for keeping backyard green. Car Wash is another good part time option to earn some quick money.

#9: Work as Dog Walker: Do you love pets? Can you handle them? This is bit tricky. If you know how to be friend of pets, may be this job is for you. Caution: If you don't know pet handling do not risk yourself.

#10. Work for a Chemist Shop / Grocery Store: Demands are on peek in the evening hours so as the supply. Malls and Multiplexes are best places to find one such job. Also, this will add to your entertainment free of cast.

Mandatory Requirements: Build a strong Bio Data, provide contact details and permanent address. When approaching to someone seeking job, carry your College Identity Card. Also, obtain some referrals to to get an edge.

Precaution: Often times wrong doers advertise vacancies in news papers and free ad websites. When you approach them, they ask some amount of registration fee.Do not pay Single Penny to any such crooks. Remember, you mean to earn money not to spend.


Important: Do not loss hope. Keep searching. You will get a job sooner.


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